Dubai is the beautiful city of Middle East. Dubai has the world’s first seven star hotels. If you want to spend your holidays then it is best to choose Dubai. Dubai is the place where you get every thing what you want. You can take travel guide through internet or from any tourism firm which provides you travel guide. I want to give you information about travel guide of Dubai to make your holidays with full of fun. The top event of Dubai is starts on 23 Jun. the name of even are the Dubai Summer Surprises. This even is focused on families with children. Dubai Summer Surprises is a yearly program of events and activities. The other most important event in Dubai is started on 1st December. The name of event is Dubai Rugby Sevens. This event is started by British expatriates in the 1960s and then Dubai Rugby Sevens become a major sport of Dubai.

The most important thing to tell you in Dubai Travel guide is its Desert Safari. 4x4 Dubai Desert safari is most attractive activity for many of the peoples. You can travel by 4WD across the deserts of Dubai on afternoon. For Dubai Desert Safari you are charged almost $85.05 per person. It is expensive but really very enjoyable. You can also reserve it through internet. Desert Safari is almost of 5 hour duration. The other important thing to do in Dubai is Hot Air Balloon Flight. It is really very enjoyable flight you can take the early morning flight. The price for this Hot Air Balloon flight is about $278 per person. You can also reserve it through internet. It is also of 5 hour duration. The other best thing to do in Dubai is Dubai Seaplane flight. It is very interesting and enjoy full. It is very expensive bur you will enjoy lots. This is of almost 40 minutes flight but really give you unforgettable memories.

There are many hotels and resorts also available in Dubai for the luxurious accommodation. You can reserve your hotels through internet. There are different kinds of hotel including 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars. In Dubai you can also visit to Burj e Dubai it is very beautiful. In Dubai there are many modern shopping centers and world’s famous brand shops. The most beautiful shopping mall in Dubai is Ibne Batuta. You can find easily every thing in Dubai. Travel to Dubai will be a great fun for you. Dubai is the best place to spend your holidays. It is always recommended for you to take a proper travel guide before traveling to Dubai. In Dubai you can find many types of foods like Indian foods, Italian Foods and most famous Arabian foods. Dubai is an expensive city so before planning the visit you must have handsome amount. Many travel agents also provide you a different holiday packages to Dubai. You can choose reasonable packages from travel agents. Dubai is a beautiful city with lots of attractions for tourists.

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