Just got hitched and now planning for your honeymoon trip? What can be better than desert land Dubai? Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai has that unique essence to make you go like “Wow! So beautiful!” Yes, starting from man-made attractions to nature’s wonder- You will get tons of things and places to explore holding your love’s hand. You might know when it comes to tourism, and financial services, Dubai tops major cities in the world. So, why resist from being in such a rich country? Here we have shared a few Dubai destination tips so that you can easily plan your honeymoon anytime sooner.

Must-Go Places in Dubai -


There are many places to visit in Dubai and BURJ KHALIFA tops on our list. It refers to the tallest building in the world that 2722 feet high and that too has an antenna. It is one of the best attractions in Dubai.


The Dubai mall offers various things to buy and it is probably the largest malls in the world. Not only it offers various things, but it also offers literally everything to the shoppers.


There are so many more things to do than just a camel ride and safari in the DUBAI DESERTS. If you have never experienced a magnificent Sandsurfing, Quad Biking, this is a great opportunity for you to experience such a thrill.


If you search for the most-visited beaches in UAE, the JUMEIRAH BEACH will certainly come in the list. The white sands and resorts around the beach feel like heaven on earth.

Tips before you touch the surface!
You have to have a fair knowledge of Dubai’s currency, language, driving rules and of course, the best season. Else you may find yourself in trouble during your stay. So we have provided a few tips to make you aware of it.
Dubai Currency and Language
The currency that Dubai uses is Dirham, in short, Dhs. If you compare One Dirham with Indian rupees, it would be 17.46 RS. And as per their language, Dubai people speak English so it wouldn’t be a problem conversing with them. Most of the Dubai people talk the Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, or even Chinese, Persian, and Urdu too. But the official language of the state is Arabic but you don’t have to master the language to talk to Dubai people.
What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?
Dubai tends to be hot around the year but if you are looking for pleasing weather (not so hot not so cool), you can visit November to March. Though during this time Dubai won’t cool down, we guarantee you will feel less hot. There is no winter or monsoon season in Dubai, the only season that rules the state is summer. But from November to March, the country seems to be less hot than other months of the year.
Driving Rules in Dubai
All countries come with their customized rules and regulations and driving in Dubai too takes some care. The main rule is to keep a distance from the cars in front and also keep your eyes open in the night because drivers don’t turn the headlights on at night. Also, you can hire a cab to travel around Dubai and the public transport options are cheap too.

Apart from the mentioned places, you can go on a desert safari Dubai with your friends which will be fun. Alongside, camel riding, sand surfing, quad biking, and adventures like that spice up your life to a new level. If you are looking for an expert’s guide on availing inexpensive Dubai honeymoon packages, get in touch with our Pickyourtrail trip planner today. Let us make it, the way you want!

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