When you paint or repair the home basement, you know as well that the ceiling generally proves to be the most tedious task. Drywall repair is one of the most cost-effective techniques to cover the floor joists and beams.

Drywall Installation Process requires precise measurements and enough strength to undertake. So JXF Painting Service has some steps for the drywall repair in your basement ceiling.

Measure The Area Where You Have To Do a Drywall Repair
Before starting the process, make sure you have the correct measurements of the ceiling. Have the exact dimensions and then decide on the number of drywall sheets that are required.

Clean And Repair The Walls
When you make a drywall repair process, you must have a surface which is free of oils and other substances. We will ensure about this before we start the drywall repair. Also, we use light-bristled srub to scrub the walls, we ensure that are no cracks and holes in the walls, and clean and repair all of the cracks and fixtures we located.

Should Hang Full Sheets Of Drywall To The Basement Ceiling :
We start work from a corner of the basement and mark the position of joists on the sheet. After that, we keep the drywall sheet in the desired place of the basement ceiling. We use different types of pins and techniques. After that, we make cuts in drywall for the fixtures in the ceiling depending on the size of the drywall repair.


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Blerina Laska