Drug abuse - if you knew what your life would end up looking like as a drug addict, I’m sure you’d never start. So here are some of the traps I’ve seen.

Trap #1 – You’re hooked before you know it. Some drugs instantly hook you, while others slowly pull you in.

You want to fit in. You want to be accepted by your new friends. So you take the drugs when they’re offered. After all, doing it just once won’t hurt! How could having all these good feelings be so bad?

Trap #2 – Your finances go down the drain as you now use your money to buy drugs, instead of food and other necessities.

Always seeking the next “high” or a better “high,” you are persuaded that this next hit will provide it. In fact, you’ll do anything to get the money to buy the drugs.

Trap #3 – You start doing bad things in order to feed your habit.

You find yourself doing things you never dreamed you would ever do. Things like lying to friends and family. Stealing. Selling your possessions, or someone else’s possessions. You don’t return phone calls. You avoid your friends. You lose close family relationships.

Trap #4 – You begin to bargain with God.

“God, if you’ll get me out of this mess, I’ll do whatever You want me to do.” You wait for God to miraculously cure you of your addiction. And if He doesn’t, you turn your back on God.

Trap #5 – You feel so sorry for yourself that you don’t even try to quit.

You’ve reached the bottom of your life. You think you’ll never get out of the hell hole you’re in. You listen to others tell you that since your drug addiction is a disease, you’ll never be able to overcome it, only manage it. (This is a lie, by the way!)

Trap #6 – Your body and health deteriorates.

Your body wastes away from the drugs and lack of healthy food. Your teeth begin to rot. Your face looks hollow.

Trap #7 – You now live on the streets or in a homeless shelter.

The drug now controls you completely. You’ve lost your career, your home, your family, and all your friends. You’ve given up on yourself.
Are These Traps Permanent?

No! Despite what society tells you, or what you tell yourself, there is hope for you to get out of each one of these traps.

How? First, by uncovering all the lies you’ve been told about your drug addiction. Lies like:

• It’s not your fault
• It’s a disease
• It’s hereditary, it’s in your genes
• You’re just like so-and-so and he/she never amounted to anything
• You’ll have to be in a recovery support group the rest of your life
• It will take years, if ever, to completely stop your addiction
• No one will ever love you again
• You’ve messed up your life so bad that you’ll never have a chance at your dreams
• You’ll never be able to restore broken relationships
• You’ll never get your children back, based upon your background

The process to get you out of these traps is too long for this article. But it got me out of my ten-year struggle with an addiction to pain pills. And I’ve been completely free for over 20 years. If you’d like to learn a different approach than the typical recovery program, check out my book “Out of Recovery & Into Living Your Dreams.” I also invite you to download my free mp3 of “8 Immediate Action Steps You Can Take” from my website http://www.OvercomeAnyAddiction.org.