If you are arrested on drug or narcotics charges, the seriousness of your case and whether you will be prosecuted by state or federal law is dependent on two factors. Those factors are the kind and amount of illegal drugs or narcotics involved in your arrest and your prior criminal history of drug and narcotic convictions and arrests.

When facing criminal drug charges, your reputation, your freedom, your possessions (home, car, bank account, etc.), and your future are all at stake. The criminal defense process is difficult and confusing. You will need a criminal defense attorney who will explain the charges to you and tell you how to get a possession charge dismissed.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Will Help You
A defense attorney will look for flaws in the investigation and suggest specific defense strategies or facilitate a complete dismissal of charges. Sometimes a plea bargain may be in your best interest, but it should not be an automatic choice.

The lawyer must know how the world of drug or narcotics crime investigations works. He must know how law enforcement investigators and prosecutors think. He must have a first-rate knowledge of federal and state constitutional law to determine if his rights have been violated. He must know how to crush the credibility of the prosecution's informants. A good criminal attorney will not begin his defense strategy thinking of a way to plea bargain his client's constitutional rights away. He will use his knowledge, experience, and determination to come up with a defense strategy that will ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Defending Against Illegal Searches And Seizures
The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects all US citizens from illegal searches and seizures by law enforcement officials. Your criminal defense attorney will evaluate law enforcement's investigation to determine if the police illegally searched you, your vehicles, or your home.

Evaluating The Prosecution's Evidence
A good criminal defense attorney will evaluate the prosecution's evidence to determine the strength of the prosecution's case. Once your case goes to trial, your criminal defense attorney will exploit the weakness of the case in your favor.

Discrediting the Prosecution's Witnesses
A good criminal defense lawyer will be familiar with the undercover drug world and will find ways to discredit the prosecution's witnesses. If the witnesses have criminal records and are on government payrolls, a good criminal defense attorney can discredit the witnesses and shut down a weak prosecution.

An Experienced Baton Rouge Drug Crime Attorney You Can Count On

If you have been arrested in connection with a drug crime, or if you believe you are currently under investigation for a drug crime in Baton Rouge the most important decision you must make is which attorney to hire. The Carl Barkemeyer Law Firm is proud to offer skilled and experienced representation to fight for the best possible outcome in your drug case. Whether you have been charged with drug possession, trafficking, or manufacturing, you need the criminal defense services of the Carl Barkemeyer Law Firm.

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