The Universal Cycle of Change – the natural cycle that describes how everything in the whole universe evolves – has seven stages:

1. Creation – the starting point of every process of change.

2. Growth – the realization, the shape forming, of the creation.

3. Complexity to Maturity – the reach of a “steady state” when the system operates at its best.

4. Turbulence – the becoming of too complex in growth and development to operate at optimal level.

5. Chaos – the beginning of falling apart.

6. Droppings Off – the letting go of the un-serving parts.

7. Meditation & Inward Silence – the state of renewal and rejuvenation.

Everything in the universe – and in life – has to go through this cycle in order to keep evolving, renewing or developing to a higher state. You might notice the stages in your own growth cycle with some of the following signs:

1. If you want to get yourself a better life, in one way or another, the first step is to create a vision of the life you want and goals that you want to achieve along the way to that vision.

2. Then you have to take action to reach your goals. You start the construction process of your vision and your vision starts to take shape. You grow toward that vision of yours, like a tree starts to sprout from a seed.

3. As you reach your goals, several things run smoothly and you are on the roll. You reach a state of “flow.” Your idea has reached maturity.

4. As you reach more and more of your sub-goals you start noticing that things get more and more difficult to handle. You start to grow out of your present limits, which causes turbulence.

5. You reach the point where you can’t keep all the balls in the air anymore. You have added too many balls to your juggling act. Things are getting chaotic.

6. You have to let go of the things that don’t serve you and your vision in the most beneficial way anymore. Like a snake has to shed its skin or a three has to drop its leaves, you need to get rid of the old habits and beliefs that are preventing you to grow further.

7. After the dropping off you need to recuperate. Go inside and get ready for a new creative process to take place. Take a deep breath and gather your strengths again. The cycle is about to commence again.

Many of us start the process without much difficulties. We sail through the cycle to the point of turbulence and chaos. And hit a brick wall. So many of us don’t know how to let go of the old beliefs that used to serve us so well, but are now blocking our growth and journey toward our vision. For too many of us, dropping off is the hardest part.

If you look at anything in the nature, you notice that us humans are the only creatures in the universe that have difficulties with dropping off of what is preventing our growth. We tend to hang on to the useless stuff we have gathered. And we most definitely hang on to the beliefs we have learned as kids. Those beliefs served and protected us so well when we were kids, but as we grow older, many of those beliefs are not serving us anymore. They become our limitations, our limiting beliefs.

There are many ways and techniques on how to change those limiting beliefs. Maxwell Maltz describes a six-week process in his book about Psycho-Cybernetics. There are, however, a lot faster ways to reach the same outcomes. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has proven that it is possible to change those limiting beliefs even within minutes.

There are also several self study books about the belief change processes and techniques, like the Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics, but if you’d like to get results fast and effectively, I suggest that you consult an experienced NLP practitioner or NLP coach. I further suggest that, since there are all kinds of “so-called” NLP practitioners around, you also make sure that the NLP practitioner has been licensed by the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, himself.

The Universal Cycle of Change concept is created by Kris Hallbom, the co-founder of the NLP Institute of California.

Author's Bio: 

Written by Hannu Pirilä, CEO and founder of HPA Consulting, eMBA, Licensed Trainer of NLP, Licensed NLP Coach, Licensed Sports Performance Coach and Licensed Business NLP Practitioner. The author is one of the leading Personal Development and NLP Coaches in Finland.