The recent explosion of technology has permeated nearly every aspect of life, including the way home buyers make their purchase decisions. One of the most profound impacts on the real estate market has been the adoption of drone technology as a way of advertising available homes or other properties.

Developers have taken to promoting their properties with the help of these unmanned drones by reaching perspectives that were previously unattainable.

Stellar Point-of-View Drones allow realtors and property developers to promote their inventory more effectively than through conventional advertising methods, since drones are able to record photos and videos from places that are otherwise inaccessible.

These aerial perspectives provide a much more comprehensive view of the property in question, especially in terms of how that piece of real estate relates to the surrounding landscape. Drone operators are hired to create stunning promotional videos that accent the best aspects of any location, such as the proximity to bodies of water or other natural landscape features, as well as the convenience of any local businesses, shopping centers, or other amenities.

The amazing perspectives achievable with a drone will vastly surpass the quality and scope of any ground-based photos or videos. Aerial photos not only provide a more detailed view of the property, but they also show a context for the property within its environment, whether it be isolated in a rural setting or placed in the center of a bustling cityscape.

Realtors who first discovered the benefits of showing their clients aerial images continue to use the practice with every property they manage, since the technology is still fresh enough to surprise and delight many home buyers. Many professional drone operators not only offer photo and video capturing, but they will also develop the footage and edit it into a useable format. Should You Use Drone Photography? Drone photography is not for everyone, and there are a few limiting factors when considering the use of a drone to photograph a property.

Certain properties are located too closely to areas where drones aren't legally allowed to fly, which can be the main deciding factor. Beyond the legality of the flight, drones are limited by line of sight and visual obstructions.

The operator needs to maintain constant visual contact with the drone to operate it properly, and the drone needs to have direct visual access to the property from above. Certain properties may not be visually accessible from the air due to tree cover or obstructions from other buildings. Hiring a drone operator can be pricey as well, especially since it is still an emerging market.

You must decide if your individual property would benefit from the cost of hiring such a pilot. There are instances when a property won't benefit from the use of drone photography or videography, but those are rare. A brief consideration of the potential perspective from above is a good way to determine whether your property would benefit from promotion via aerial imagery.

Regulatory Measures Since commercial drone use is relatively new, it is heavily regulated in Canada. The most basic areas of regulation are: Flight Scheduling - Drone flights can only take place in daylight hours in favorable weather conditions. Visualization - Drone pilots must maintain constant visual contact with their drone.

Airspace - Airports, heavily populated areas, busy roadways, and extreme heights must be avoided when piloting a drone. No drone can fly at altitudes over 90 meters. Privacy - Drones must refrain from photographing or capturing video of anything or anyone they do not have permission to record. Commercial drone pilots are also required to obtain the necessary license, known as a Single-Operation Special Flight Operation Certificate, also known as a SFOC. The license ensures that the pilot has all the proper insurance and training required to properly operate a drone.

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