The renowned driving schools that almost all drivers were once a part of are known to create confident drivers by the end of the session. Most driving schools in Perth witness the presence young drivers come over to enrol in the classes, and the elder ones are probably there to renew their licenses. The instructors are known to come up with the best lessons for young drivers as they are beginners and would have to start from scratch while completing the entire process in a short span of time.

With a recent study conducted amongst driving school trainers, almost everyone had come up with similar tips that they would want to help out for young drivers after they are done completing their training. If you are one of those who has recently received a certificate from one of the driving schools in Perth, here are a few tips explained for your convenience.

Avoid distractions

You may have noticed other drivers speeding up on the road with loud music complementing their driving speed. You too cannot follow the same path and play music that is loud and distracting. You are not just distracting other drivers but also diverting your attention from the road which may eventually lead to an accident especially when you are not a pro at handling the wheels.

Keep the mobile phone away

The driving instructors in Perth agree that most youngsters these days find cell phone usage an addiction and cannot live without its presence around them wherever they go. Despite such an addiction, you are to ensure that you are to keep your mobile phone at bay while you are driving. To attend an emergency call, you can make use of hands-free devices and avoid texting while on the road. You could stop the car and then attend to emergencies, but if you think multitasking makes you look cool, you are mistaken as you are likely to meet with an accident as mobile phones are a major distraction to you.

Avoid driving alone

Despite availing the best driving lessons from the driving school, you may not be confident to handle the car all alone while you are out on a busy road. You could consider requesting an experienced friend, parent or a sibling to accompany you. This would not just allow them to help you take control of the car on busy lanes and also help you maintain the right confidence levels and not panic.

Pay attention to traffic signals

The driving instructors in Perth too believe that this is something imperative for you to keep in mind while you are out on the road. You are to follow traffic rules diligently as anytime you defy the rules, you may be fined for such a deed. Apart from being fined, you get to put other drivers and their cars at risk as well.

Make use of indicators and signals well

If you are to turn to a particular direction or are to switch lanes, you are expected to convey the right signals to them with the indicator and brake lights in your car. By using such signals, you get to communicate with the other drivers and thus allowing them to keep a safe distance or pave the right path for you to move freely.

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The author Ron Spencer has had experiences with approaching driving instructors in Perth along with relevant information on driving schools in Perth that impart training for young drivers.