Have you seen them on the Internet? With gasoline prices soaring sky high, it seem that the systems that show you how to drive using water are being promoted everywhere. New programs are popping up almost every day.

Well, I finally succumbed to the hype and bought one of those systems. How do they work? Hydrogen gas is a powerful energy source, but do you know that Hydrogen can be extracted from water (made up of hydrogen and oxygen) to and used as a supplemental fuel source to run your car? The conversion manuals selling on the Internet shows you how to build a conversion system to convert water into an energy source and use it as fuel for your car.

It is not yet possible to run a car completely on water; some amount of gasoline is still required. Also, water is not the component that is burned for energy. A conversion system is needed to extract hydrogen from water and the Hydrogen gas, called hho, is burned to produce power.

To drive your car using water, you must first convert water into hydrogen gas (hho). The online manuals show you how to build a system that makes this conversion. Most of the manuals provide diagrams and step-by-step instructions.

Basically, you start out with a container of distilled water containing a small amount of baking soda. An electrical current from your car battery is then passed through the liquid, separating the elements and producing HHO gas. This gas is then sent into the engine and burned along with gasoline to power your car.

Although there are other benefits, these systems are reported to greatly improve your gas mileage. That was my goal in buying the system. I’ll be installing it when I get some free time within the next week or so. I’ll report back the actual difference in fuel mileage that I get so be sure to check back when I give all the details. I’m looking forward to lower gasoline bills, but I’ll keep you posted!

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