Unless you are in the business of selling a complete commodity product or service, which relies exclusively on massive numbers of people buying your easily substitutable, low value product or service, you will find that the Pareto principal applies. Where 20 % of your clients give you 80 % of your business and 80 % of your clients give you 100 % of your headaches and only account for about 20 % of your sales.
For me this looks like a no-brainer, you must obviously invest as little time as possible focused on the 80 % of your clients, who give you only 20 % of your revenue but seem to give you 100 % of your challenges and focus as much energy as possible on the 20 % of your clients, who give you the majority of your revenue. The best way to do this would be to create an effective system to service the 80 %, so that you could free up your time to focus on the 20 % who are giving you the return you want. Or even better eliminate the 80 % of low value clients from your business altogether and only work with the right valuable clients.

Narrow Your Focus and Target your Clients.

I have found that the key to generating more profits is never about constantly trying to acquire more and more clients. The key to sustainably growing profits in your business is about acquiring only really valuable clients and then investing everything possible, into providing them with the most incredible levels of service and the perfect solutions to their challenges. The objective of any good sales person has thus got to be around, discovering, prospecting, and building mutually beneficial relationships with the most suitable or most valuable clients possible.

This strategy will see you easily grow not only your sales, but your margins as well. Less in this case is most certainly more. It is not easy to identify and qualify the right or most valuable clients, but in the long run it is most certainly worthwhile. It requires you to have a very clear understanding about your own product and service and what it can do for your clients. You must also have a crystal clear understanding of your prospects and clients’ specific needs and most importantly you must be clear on what you want to achieve with them.

It All Starts with a Clear Vision

This can only come together if you have a focused, razor sharp and crystal clear vision, about exactly what you want to achieve. Once you become clear about what you want and you are clear on exactly what you can offer in the form of products or services to your clients, discovering which client’s suite your right client or most valuable client criterion, becomes simple. Successfully selling, building margins and generating sustainable profits in the new age of business, is no longer about acquiring large numbers of clients. It is about focus, research, understanding your markets, and product or service offering and then investing time to build mutually beneficial relationships with the right or most valuable clients.

All the information you need to successfully follow this new sales strategy is available and easily accessible on the internet. The challenge to make this work for you though, is that you are going to need to make a paradigm shift to the way you approach sales. Remove the need to provide service to low value clients, so that you have the ability to provide outstanding levels of service to the few select, valuable clients, who contribute the most to your bottom line and your profits will soar and your challenges and headaches will disappear.

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