You are just 60 minutes away from your drink; let us know your whereabouts and our products will be at the door of your house. You must be wondering how this can happen and that’s our specialty, we make it possible with our best service. We don’t want you to compromise with your comfort; hence we improved our liquor delivery service. Let’s have a look at how to order alcohol on Drinkerrs.
Pick a Delivery address: Looking for a liquor store open near me then come to Drinkerrs, here select the delivery address and you’ll have the virtual access to your local liquor stores.
Choose the Good Stuff: No more runs to the liquor store for your best selection at the cheapest rates. You will get the best of beer, wine and liquor in our collection, Drinkerrs made the easy selection to choose best for you. After choosing goods that you desire to be delivered, the local liquor store will be notified.
Get it Delivered: We know the value of your quality time, here you can track your order and get notified with the text “Your order is on your way”. You can track the status of your good that you have selected from our collection on the Drinkerrs portal from order section and there will be someone soon calling you to say your booze is ready and waiting at your doorstep. Enjoy Drinking!

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