1. Mellow and fully fermented tea.
The caffeine, vitamins, amino acids, and phospholipids in black tea are helpful for human digestion. The stimulating benefit of caffeine can increase the secretion of gastric juice, thereby increasing appetite and helping digestion. As early as in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", there was a record of " Pu-erh tea tastes bitter, greasy, cattle and sheep poison, scraping intestines and venting".

Puer tea, one of the representatives of dark tea, has the benefit of relieving greasiness and losing weight. Pu-erh tea is based on Yunnan large-leaf sun-dried green tea in a certain area of Yunnan province. It is a loose tea and pressed tea formed by Han tea farmers using a specific process and post-fermentation processing. The weight loss and lipid-lowering benefits of Pu-erh tea mainly come from two factors: one is formed by the combined benefits of tea polyphenols, chlorophyll, vitamin C and other active ingredients, and the other is the combined benefits of various beneficial bacteria formed by the fermentation process . Generally speaking, the weight-reducing and lipid-lowering benefit of Pu-erh tea after fermentation is better than that of raw tea that has not yet begun to transform. The weight loss benefit of raw tea comes from factor one. With the natural fermentation and transformation in the storage process, its weight loss benefit gradually begins to be formed by two factors. The artificially fermented Pu-erh cooked tea is combined with the above two factors to lose weight and reduce fat.

2. Sweet and semi-fermented tea.
The semi-fermentation process is widely used in tea making. The biggest feature of this process is that it can reduce the irritation of the tea and increase the sweetness and aroma of the tea. Green tea is one of the representatives of semi-fermented tea.

Green tea, commonly known as oolong tea, combines the methods of making green tea and black tea. The quality is somewhere in between, both the richness of black tea and the fragrance of green tea. After tasting, the cheeks remain fragrant and the aftertaste is sweet and fresh. It has been confirmed by modern scientific research that in addition to health functions such as refreshing and stimulating, eliminating fatigue, eating and greasy, weight loss and bodybuilding, oolong tea also has special benefits in cancer prevention, blood fat reduction, anti-aging, etc. It has "beauty tea" and "bodybuilding" The elegant name of "tea".

3. Slightly fermented tea.
White tea refers to a type of tea that is processed without drying or crumpling, but only after sun drying or simmering. White tea has the characteristics of yellow, green and clear soup color, light taste and sweetness. It is slightly fermented tea and is a special treasure in China's tea category. According to reports, white tea is named because its finished tea is mostly bud head, covered with white cents, like silver like snow. The main production areas are Fuding in Fujian, Jinggu in Yunnan, Jingan in Jiangxi and other places.

White tea has good medicinal properties, such as hangovers, clearing away heat, nourishing the lungs, reducing blood pressure and reducing fat, especially for the symptoms of physical discomfort and digestive dysfunction caused by excessive greasy, excessive liver and fire. At the same time, white tea also has anti-radiation substances, which have a significant protective benefit on the body's hematopoietic function and can reduce the harm of TV radiation.

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