Dark tea contains rich nutrients, the most important of which are vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins, amino acids, sugars and so on. For the residents of Northwestern China, whose staple food is cattle, lamb and cheese, and whose vegetables and fruits are lacking in their diet, it is an important source of essential minerals and various vitamins for their bodies. Therefore, they will drink Dark tea after eating meat. Here is an introduction to the principle of why eating meat is more suitable for drinking Dark tea.

Compared with other types of tea, Dark tea has the highest tea polysaccharide content and strongest activity. Former Soviet Union scholar B.A. Sumdak first reported the pharmacological study of tea polysaccharides. Tea polysaccharides are an acidic glycoprotein, combined with a large number of mineral elements, which lower blood sugar and blood lipids, improve the body's immunity and anticoagulation. Blood, antithrombotic, anti-hypoxia, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation and other special health care functions.

The General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army had made an observation in 1990. 55 elderly cadres with hyperlipidemia who lived in Ganxiu took 180 grams of Dark tea for 180 consecutive days, 3 grams per day. Among them, the blood lipid content of 50 cases decreased significantly after six months. This is because Dark tea can reduce the peroxides in the blood, which can damage the biological membranes and subcellular organelles of the body's cells and affect cell function. Dark tea can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease by reducing peroxide activity.

At the same time, many studies have proved that tea polysaccharide can protect and stimulate the secretion of insulin cells, and effectively reduce blood sugar by enhancing the activity of liver glucokinase. In addition, tea polysaccharide can obviously inhibit the adhesion of platelets, reduce blood viscosity, improve fibrinolytic activity, and can play an anti-coagulation and anti-thrombotic effect.

During the processing of Dark tea, after the fermentation process, the tea is more gentle and moist, and the effects of removing greasy, eliminating fat and lowering blood fat are more significant. Consumers whose dietary structure is dominated by meat products can choose Dark tea as your drink.

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