Imagine waking up one day and knowing the exact day your Grandfather would pass away. It raised a question for me as, within the dream, he told me that we choose a time we are to be born and a time we are to die. He further explained that he could actually change the date of his death. He was doing this to accommodate my Uncle who was coming to see him.

This dream left me feeling better about his transition time and that there was an actual plan swirling invisibly around us. However, the question I ask is this: is it like that for everyone or just some of us? Do all of us choose the time of birth and death ahead of time? What if we get taken out by someone else, was that part of the plan also? I’m not so sure. I think in a perfect world everything is organized and figured out. It doesn’t seem to me that this is a perfect world though.

It was not clear to me that the dream of my Grandfather was a premonition at the time. I only recognized it after the fact. Then I took note of what the dream felt like and how it was different from my other dreams. I felt like I was suspended in space and he showed up to talk to me. Other dreams have me in a space that feels like waking life does.

Another way I recognize a premonition is if I am flying into a situation and viewing it from above. Often I see myself doing something. It is like another part of me is witnessing the event. Events as simple as watching myself grocery shop and seeing what I am buying.

Dreams of death do not always mean that an actual death will occur. Many times it means that there is a change or transition in ones life. It is often a birth of something new. I had a dream of a friend of mine being murdered. In waking life, it turns out that he landed two jobs he wanted and a new nice home to live in. This dream had me waking up feeling ill to my stomach so I knew it was important. I was not suspended in space and I was not in the witness position so thankfully this was not a literal premonition. It was a premonition in the sense that he had some major changes in his life.

When you wake up from having a dream about death, stay still for a moment and really pay attention to your emotions. Think about how the dream was shown to you and ask yourself what it means. Go with your first impression. You may have a memory or even a daydream that will clue you into the meaning(s) of your dream.

With any dream that you have, take a moment to question what the days events and thoughts you had prior to going to sleep were. Often those thoughts and your daytime surroundings affect what shows up for us when we are sleeping. Our unconscious mind is allowed to run free like a child who has just learned to run.

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