Dreams are very important because they are not the result of chance. They are produced by the wise unconscious mind that has a divine origin and proves God’s existence.

The undoubtable unconscious wisdom surpasses the knowledge of our current modern civilization. This wisdom explains all mysteries at once. Thus, dream translation according to the scientific method gives us proof of God’s existence. Everyone can easily verify this truth. The unconscious knowledge and spiritual superiority cannot belong to the ignorant human mind.

Even though scientists don’t admit God’s existence, now that I managed to simplify the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, everyone can have a direct communication with the wise unconscious mind. In other words, everyone can have a direct communication with God and put into practice this impressing truth.

The atheistic mindset prevalent today, will be replaced by the respect of sanctity. Spiritual perfection and morality will eliminate all the horrors that characterize our hypocritical world.

You should focus on learning how to translate the meaning of your dreams so that you may have all the benefits provided by this knowledge.

You should also have a humble attitude in order to learn the important lessons you receive in dream messages. Your attitude is very important because in order to be able to predict the future, you must be able to forgive your enemies. Otherwise, you cannot learn hidden secrets.

You’ll see many dreams with simple predictions everyday. However, there are revealing dream predictions that you’ll see only after passing through a process of psychological and spiritual transformation.

As you translate the meaning of your dreams you discover the existence of the anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience. You also discover its poisonous interference into the human side of your conscience. Then, you learn how to control your behavior instead of being controlled by the anti-conscience. At the same time, you learn how to protect yourself from other people’s evilness.

Revealing predictions are warnings about future bad events and situations. In this case, the symbolism of the dream messages is very clear because you are in danger. You see future facts in dream scenes so that you may be able to prevent serious problems or catastrophes.

The unconscious mind won't send you dreams with revealing future predictions unless you are in dangerous situations and you need protection. These warnings must be respected. You must have a serious attitude if you want to enter into the realm of wisdom.

Meaningful dream predictions and warnings work like revelations that open your third eye. You stop being an ignorant human being because you have the power to be into contact with the divine unconscious mind and change the future development of reality. This priceless advantage transforms you into a perfect creature.

You learn how to eliminate what is bad in the outside world, and inside you. Thus, you get rid of all your enemies. You also get rid of your evil animal nature. This means that you acquire real goodness and complete consciousness.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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