What did you dream of when you were a little girl? Did you dream you'd grow up to be a teacher, a nurse, a mom, a pilot and astronaut? I remember when I was 9 years old - I loved to read - I read everything I could get my hands on - and one of the things I read every month - almost as soon as it arrived at the house was the Reader's Digest. At that time - back in the early 70's - they used to run a monthly article about the human body - specifically about the body of this man Joe. I remember reading all those articles - I was FASCINATED by the inner workings of the human body. In one issue - it must have been a summer issue because I was reading it up at our camp - I read "I Am Joe's Heart". After reading that article - I knew - just knew right then and there that I was going to grow up to be a heart surgeon.

Life is funny - it takes a lot of unexpected twists and turns, we go in directions that we never imagined we would go as we make our way towards our dreams and visions. Who knows where these dreams come from? I believe we are born with a destiny that is our highest path. A few of us are fully aligned and step right in without hesitation to that highest destiny. Most of us though are literally thrown off course - due to traumatic present life experiences or because of karmic, past life or ancestral trauma that is carried in the light body. The high destiny is always there - for many though there are layers of parental, educational, religious, cultural and societal conditioning, psychic sludge and old unhealthy self deprecating patterns of behaving, thinking or believing that we carry that must be released from our soul matrix through deep inner work - quite often with the assistance of a skilled facilitator of the healing journey.

Only after all those old blocks have been blasted through, only when the deep healing work, the core soul repair work is underway, can those dormant seeds of high destiny begin to be germinated. My own healing journey is a testament to the power of the high destiny and to the courage, commitment and discipline that is necessary in order to fully energize and germinate those seeds. When you get down so low that you can't get up again, when you surrender to the fact that no matter what you try to control, force, effort or do to make things go the way you "think" they should, when you are hurting so bad that you finally make the decision that you'll do whatever it takes to feel good - really good, healthy good - not medicated or addicted - which never works in the end - but really truly deep down in the bottom of your soul good then you are ready - ready to let go and let that higher destiny call itself forth from deep within you. Surrender is the key. Surrender and willingness to be still, to follow those gentle persistent nudges from your heart, to listen with your inner ear, to see with your inner eye the visions and the dreams that have been there all along - just waiting for you to drop all that "worldly" stuff and pay attention to them.

Your dreams will lead you if you let them. It may seem that you are being sent in quite a convoluted direction to get to where you think your dreams are taking you - but each and every step is a true one when you listen to that deep calling. Every step - no matter how silly or farfetched or even "loopy" it seems to be in the moment is a perfect step, a perfect choice to bring you to the lesson or the gift that is another building block in creating your dream - you may really not think it so at the time - but I'm here to tell you its true. How do I know?? Well remember that little 9 year old girl's dream of growing up to be a heart surgeon one day?? I see now how perfectly that dream came true - I may not use a surgeon's scalpel in the traditional sense of the word but every day I have the opportunity to open hearts - to clear away - using my "light" scalpel the ties that bind people to old contracts and thoughts like "I'm not good enough" and to illuminate their hearts and minds with the brilliant light of spirit that helps them to be able to say for themselves and really mean it - I am good enough and I will follow my dreams. Is it time for you to claim your true power and Dream Your World Into Being? If everyone just lived their own highest dream fearlessly what an amazing world we could dream into being as a group... Just imagine!

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