We usually think of dreams as conditions that occur only in sleep. But you dream every time you think of the past or the future. Think of what you had for breakfast today and a dream flashes in your mind. For an instant‚ you are living in that dream.

Deliberate Dreamers Are Practical

We often think of the term “dreamer” with a negative connotation. Dreamers‚ we hear‚ are impractical people. Dreamers think‚ but they don't do. The truth is‚ though‚ that the most accomplished individuals who ever lived used the power of dreaming to rule their world.

To turn your dream-power into something practical‚ practice deliberate dreaming. If you do not like any condition in the world‚ or any condition of your life‚ use your dream-power to transform it. You bring about what you dream about.

Your imagination exerts a directive influence upon the conditions to come. When you envision the future that you want‚ you are‚ in a sense‚ looking through a mental window into the future. Your dreams direct your destiny.

Dreaming Can Be Dangerous

The power of dreaming contains far more potency than you may realize. When you choose to focus your attention on a dream‚ a vision‚ or an imaginary representation of a condition that you desire‚ you choose your future. But when you entertain dreams or visions of conditions that you do not want‚ your dreams send your life into that direction.

The mind is like an extremely powerful creative machine that everyone has‚ but that few seem very well trained to use effectively. You can tell this by the state of our world. Look at all the pollution‚ poverty‚ crime‚ and war. While dreamers rule the world‚ few seem to rule their dreams very well!

Rule Your Dreams

You never have to worry about what someone else is thinking up. To gain control of your life‚ gain control of your dreams. Begin by becoming more conscious of your dreams. Any condition that you become conscious of you can control‚ to some degree. As you pay closer attention to your mind throughout the day you are bound to “wake up” to the continual flow of dreams that pass through it. Each of these exerts its influence upon the design of your destiny.

What The World Needs

If your life seems out of control right now‚ pay closer attention to your thinking throughout the day and you will realize that your dreams are out of control. You are almost continually imagining something‚ but what? When you observe your dreams more consciously‚ and relate with them as the creative forces that they are‚ you can gradually direct your dream-power more and more‚ and thus direct your life more and more in line with your most inspiring dreams.

Dreamers do indeed rule the world. What the world needs‚ though‚ is more conscious dreamers to fulfill its glorious potential.

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As a public speaker, seminar leader and consultant for over 25 years, Bob Lancer has been inspiring audiences around the nation and overseas, and setting them on a more direct and fulfilling path to total life-success, with his empowering insights and strategies.

He delivers a uniquely positive message of wisdom for more healthy, happy and successful parenting, marriage, child education, professional childcare, and personal and professional development.