Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a very serious practice. The scientific method of dream interpretation was discovered by Carl Jung after arduous research, and simplified by me, who continued his research for two decades.

Thanks to the work of two generations, today you can easily learn the meaning of all dreams.

However, there are a few common mistakes that many people make while trying to learn the dream language and solve their problems thanks to this knowledge. I’m going to show you how to avoid these mistakes, so that you may easily learn how to translate all dream images.

Inventing the meaning of the dream images you ignore

The most common mistake most people make when trying to translate the meaning of their dreams is to invent the meaning of the dream images they ignore. In the beginning, they follow the scientific method. They translate the meaning of the most important dream symbols they detect in their dreams, but when they find dream images they ignore, they tend to invent their meaning in order to complete their translations.

This attitude is misleading. When you translate a document written in a foreign language to your own language, you must translate all words based on the meaning that they have in the foreign language. You cannot invent the meaning of the words you ignore.

Dreams give you many messages in only a few images. When you ignore the meaning of various dream images, you should simply stop your translation. Don’t translate the meaning of the images you cannot understand based on your suppositions.

The generous unconscious mind repeats the same messages in many dreams, through many different ways, until you are able to really understand its lessons. Therefore, don’t worry if you cannot understand something in a dream. You will understand it when you’ll analyze your next dreams.

Lack of Elasticity

There are people who cannot understand the symbolic dream language because of their lack of elasticity and abstraction. The symbolic dream language is totally different from a common language.

Forget the meaning that all the animals and objects have in your daily life when you are translating the meaning of dreams. You must have the elasticity to replace the meaning of these images with the meaning that the unconscious mind gives them. Look at these images based on the unconscious logic, without distorting your translations with your conscious ideas.

If you’ll have a dream where a dog is driving your car, don’t start thinking about how illogical this situation is. Don’t start imagining that this dream is trying to show you that you must be careful and never let your dog alone in the car or something like that.

The dog in dreams represents infidelity and immorality.

Your car represents your own life.

If a dog is driving your car, this means that your immoral tendencies are driving your life. This is the unconscious message.

You have to exchange the image of the ‘dog’ with the word ‘infidelity’ and the image of ‘your car’ with the words ‘my life’. Don’t waste your time thinking about your dreams based on your conscious logic.

Lack of Abstraction

You must be able to capture the abstract meaning of a dream symbol without being narrow-minded.

For example, if you’ll have a dream where you’ll see a snake when you avoid looking at the sunlight, this means that you will pass through a bitter experience in your life in order to correct a mistake. This is the meaning of the appearance of the snake in a dream.

The sunlight represents the real truth.

Since you saw the snake after avoiding the sunlight, you must conclude that you are making this mistake because you don’t want to see the real truth.

The unconscious mind is your teacher. It gives you clues. Then, it lets you think and discover the solutions you need by yourself. You must become more intelligent instead of being dependent on the unconscious mind. You have to think.

Since you see a snake after avoiding the sunlight, this means that you are going to be punished by a bad event that will correct your behavior because you don’t want to see the truth.

Therefore, you must conclude that you keep being eluded by your imagination. If you don’t want to see the truth (because you avoid the sunlight), you’ll have to pass through a bad experience in order to open your eyes. You cannot keep avoiding the truth and living based on lies. You will be punished by the consequences of your negligence because you don’t want to learn this lesson without suffering. You refuse to recognize the truth.

This conclusion is not written in the dream images. It is a logical conclusion that you have to understand alone.

Not putting the unconscious lessons into practice

I’m going to mention the case of one of my patients. He was regularly sending me his dreams for professional dream translation because he suffered from insecurity and depression.

However, he was indifferent to the unconscious guidance. For example, one of his various problems was the fact that he was overweighed. I’m not going to talk about his case because my translations are private and because this case is quite complicated. I’m only mentioning this detail in order to give you a practical lesson.

I translated for him a dream in which the unconscious mind was showing him that he was indifferent to his appearance. What should the dreamer conclude after understanding this message?

I believe that the answer is quite simple. The unconscious mind was showing him that he didn’t pay attention to his appearance because he had to stop being indifferent to the fact that he was fat. The dreamer had to do something in order to solve this problem.

However, the dreamer kept eating ice creams, going out for dinner with his friends, and basically living as if he didn’t have to pay attention to his weight. He didn’t seem to understand that he had to work and cooperate with the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind didn’t tell him that he had to follow a diet and go to the gym. This is a conclusion that the dreamer had to make alone.

Have in mind that the unconscious mind shows you the truth in your dreams, expecting something from you. After seeing the truth, you have to change your attitude. If you are indifferent to the lessons you have, nothing will miraculously change in your life.

Fortunately this dreamer was sending me his dreams for translation and I could encourage him and give him my personal advice, besides translating his dreams. He always showed apathy (extreme indifference), in all matters of his life, not only concerning his appearance.

If you are somehow like him, you should simply send me your dreams for a professional dream translation. This is a way to finally take action and get out of the hole where you are. I will help you put into practice the guidance you have in your dreams, so that you may finally solve your problems.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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