With an ambition to build a customer-focused organization to help pharmaceutical companies overcome their complex drug development challenges through an outsourced solution, Dr. Song Li formed Frontage Laboratories, Inc. Today, Frontage Laboratories has grown to one of the leading CRO’s with over 850 employees in both North America and China.

Dr. Li earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in analytical chemistry from McGill University and a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Zhengzhou University in China. In our endeavor to find “The 10 Most Eminent Leaders in Pharmaceutical Industry, 2021” we crossed our paths with Dr. Li to know more about his leadership journey and how Frontage Laboratories is addressing the most significant and complex drug discovery and development challenges of pharmaceutical companies.

Below are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a Business Magazine.

As a leading laboratory and agrochemical services provider, what contribution has been made by you?

We are a value-add partner with a focus on solving our customers’ most significant and complex drug discovery and development challenges. Our scientific knowledge base, technical expertise and reputation for high quality services have been integral to our ability to enter into strong long-term strategic relationships and partnerships with our key customers.

Over the years, Frontage has enabled many biotechnology companies and leading pharmaceutical companies of varying sizes to advance a myriad of molecules through development and file regulatory submissions globally.

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