What makes a leader outstanding is the opportunity that they capitalize. It is the ability to take the chance while setting a foothold to face newer challenges and facing them head-on. These leaders are ever ready to make a significant shift at any given moment and prove themselves to be the best of the best. One such leader making waves in the cyber security space is Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, who has paved her exceptional career path by grabbing every opportunity before her.

As the Executive Director of the Cyber Security Research and Education Institute at The University of Texas at Dallas, Dr. Bhavani’s work has resulted in 130+ journal articles, 300+ conference papers, 180+ keynote and featured addresses, seven US patents, fifteen books in data science and cybersecurity, and technology transfer of the research to commercial products and operational systems. We, at Insights Success a top business magazines, caught up with Dr. Bhavani to unveil her impactful journey and how she is leading by example.

A Progressive Preparation

Moreover, Dr. Bhavani believes that it is important to have succession planning. She has helped hire a few assistant professors into the institute as soon as they graduate. These professors have become well known and have received many awards and accolades. Therefore, her immediate goal is to transition the institute and her leadership roles in cybersecurity and data science at UT Dallas to these highly successful professors. She would like to continue her work with diverse groups, especially women and disadvantaged minority communities, in cybersecurity and data science.

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