YouTube is no doubt the number one choice for many when looking for the most recent and most trendy videos on the web. It offers an enormous amount of music videos, educational videos, movie trailers, short original videos, full-length movies even, and more. However once you are disconnected from Internet, the rich resources of YouTube become unavailable to you. Even if you are connected to the web, the connection may be slow, and then it will take forever for the video to load. Don't even get started on HD videos. In this article we'll give you some solutions to be able to download a YouTube movie on Mac and watch it even without Internet connection.

Airy is a great YouTube movie downloader for Mac

This little app can download movies from YouTube on Mac in various resolutions, even HD and ultra HD. It also can help you download private and age-restricted videos when you sign in to your YouTube account.

Airy offers a great convenience of pausing and resuming downloads, i.e. you don't have to finish your YouTube download at once, you can always get back to it, when you have time.

These are the steps to download a YouTube movie on Mac with Airy:

1. Download Airy, install it and activate its full version. BTW, when you only need one or two downloads, free Airy is enough.

2. Open the YouTube video, playlist or channel in your web browser and copy the link. Paste it in Airy.

3. Set the file format to save the videos or audio files. You can select MP3 when you only need to save the audio instead of the whole video. If you are downloading a large amount of files at a time, give Airy some time to process them.

4. Once ready - click the Download button. You'll find the downloaded files in Downloads folder unless you have set up a different location in Preferences.

Elmedia Player PRO is another awesome app for movie downloading from YouTube. As it doubles as a super versatile media player you can watch downloaded content there and enjoy multiple features this app offers. You can even add subtitles to the movie in your language.

Downloading YouTube movies with Elmedia Player PRO goes like this:

1. Download Elmedia and activate its PRO version. It is a free player, however for downloading a registration code is needed that you can buy at the developer's website.

2. Open the app and switch it to browser mode in its main menu.

3. Paste the link to a YouTube video and press Enter.

4. From the list that appears under the video choose the file you want and click Download.

5. You can select format (MP4, 3GP, WebM, FLV, etc.) to save video as. You can download MP3 files skipping the video itself by simply choosing this format from the list.

6. By default your files are saved in Downloads folder and you can set up a different location in Preferences.

There are free websites offering their video-saving services to download movies from YouTube on Mac. You have to be really careful when making a choice as some of these video-saving sites are not trustworthy, however there are some reliable options:


To use these websites you'll need to copy the YouTube link and paste it in a corresponding box. Select the file type and save the file to your hard drive.
You'll probably notice that the downloaded FLV or MP4 file is slightly lower quality than the YouTube original, however it will be on your computer, which was the goal.
Don't hesitate to share your tips and experiences on YouTube downloading in comments.

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