There are many sites to download free music. And we have explored them to allow you to find only the best and brightest site called

You can download high-quality MP3 free music from Moby for playback on your computer. As you can download and save them, they will be yours forever. All downloads of free music here are legal.

We belong to the public domain or, in most cases, the artists have allowed you to download music for free and enjoy their hard work. This means that you can be comfortable listening to music and discovering hidden treasures. The treasure you would have otherwise let go.

How does it work?

Our website offers you the free and fast download of royalty-free music for independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short and also you can use it for personal or commercial use, depending on titles.

Indeed, next to each piece is indicated the use you are allowed to make: copy and publish, modify and transform or commercial use.

If you are looking for free music for your personal listening or a YouTuber and want to add a soundtrack to his videos without being accused of infringement, no doubt you will find your happiness.

How to download music?

You have listened to music, you like it and you would like to download it physically on your computer or mobile phone. Nothing more simple, just click on the download link of the MP3 file, you can click on the following link for detailed explanations depending on the device you are using:


We use the term royalty-free music to define many different things, here are the most common uses of royalty-free music:

Rightsholders: The different rights holders can be grouped into two categories, copyrights, and neighboring rights.

Royalty Free Music: All songs, compositions, and recordings for which all rights holders have granted the user a right of use and a right of free diffusion. With Creative Commons licenses, the right of use is free but often limited according to the conditions of the contract.

Royalty Free Music SACEM: When a copyright owner manages his copyrights individually, he is the sole owner of his works. He can thus manage alone the rights of use of these works, by deciding, for example, to monetize them or not, to authorize the modification, to be credited, etc. The Creative Commons licenses facilitate this individual management proposing 6 contracts representing different use cases. On the other hand, when it manages its copyrights collectively (with a company like SACEM for example), it shares its copyrights with the latter most of the time. He no longer freely controls the rights of use of these works and music is no longer free of rights.

Royalty-Free Music for Youtube: These are music that can be used to illustrate videos that will be published on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo without having any copyright issues. The user must have a right of commercial use and a right of modification of the work. You must know that putting music on a video is to create a work derived from the musical work.

Music without copyright: These are music that fell in the public domain so no limitation on the right of use.

Rights of use: It is the freedom to reuse the work for any use. The distinction is often made when a right of use has a commercial purpose or not. A right of use of a modification of the work is necessary to use music on a video for example and a right of commercial use is obligatory when one wishes to monetize this video.

Rights of free diffusion: It is the freedom to copy, distribute and communicate the material by all means and in all formats.

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Moby is a resource for independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for soundtrack their independent, non-profit film.