To say that times are hard is saying the least in Dallas Printing Companies. For sure they continue to have printed materials being churned out in their presses every day, but they have to tighten their belts because of inflation. In order to stay afloat, DFW Printing companies are doing everything they can in order to stay alive.

For example, in the past, many companies have newsletters printed about their company and these come out regularly, sometimes quarterly while others have their newsletters every two months. That means regular printing jobs for the printing press. However, with cost-cutting measures of most companies, they have stopped or reduced the publishing of these internal communications instrument. While these publications are vital, they are not exactly necessary to keep the business alive so it is easily take out of the operational budget. Or they can just print out updates in their operations and have them photocopied or risographed in one color printing. That will just keep everyone in the loop of what is going on in the company.

Some companies that regularly produce brochures reduce the number of frequency or reduce the number of copies or they do both. Brochures could not exactly be done without because they are necessary in promoting the products and services of the company. But in order to keep the costs down, companies are trying to find ways to lessen the cost. One of the things that they do is to compromise the quality of their brochure. They choose a thinner paper stock and they do away with the finishing. Additionally, they would sometimes only have a colored cover and the rest of the pages are in one-color printing.

Instead of colored flyers, companies now would just print out a master copy in black and have the copies risographed. It is way cheaper than commercial printing, probably by 80%. The quality is not nice, it is just printed on ordinary paper with one color print but at least the message is sent out. Not too many people read this, but companies do it because of lack of budget. Or if they continue with the colored fliers, they make them the smallest size possible. Like instead of the half of a bond paper size, they only have the ¼ or 1/3 of it so they get to save on their printing cost per ream as there are more outs.

And while in the past Dallas printers would still receive orders with lots of finishing like lamination, gold stamping, and embossing, now, clients want to keep their orders to a minimum in order to save on printing cost. So while the printing jobs keep pouring, the amount is already so much smaller than they were before. Probably the only things that remain are those receipts and invoices but the orders are usually in bulk and so the next printing job will be a long time in coming.

It is really hard to maintain printing operations in Dallas. There are many demands but the sales are plummeting and so are the profits. But they need to keep on running the presses because there is also a demand for Dallas Printing Companies to keep running. Too bad for DFW Printing Companies, but they just try to make both ends meet during these hard times.

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