One day I was walking along and found myself looking into a deep hole at the root of a large tree. Wondering and being the inquisitive being I am I got down on my knees and peered into the dust covered tunnel that ran deep into the ground. Ah, and where does this lead I thought to myself? I heard a voice from deep inside tell me to follow the tunnel to the depth of my consciousness and I will find the answer. So being me I crawled into the tunnel and followed the route to my inner consciousness until I found the end. The tunnel opened up into a vast field of dreams and contentment but that only lasted for a moment when out of the corner of my eye came bounding along a thought. The thought was followed by an option and the option carried a basket of choices and laid them on the table. As I walked closer to the table set for many person(alities) I noticed someone invisibly silent at the head of the table. He raised his head and looked into my eyes and said "cup of tea"? The Mad Hatter smiled and lead me on a journey of mysteries in which I call the thought factor. To be continued.

Author's Bio: 

Life coach and author I come bearing gifts of thought and consciousness for you to think about