Pregnancy and a woman

Pregnancy and a girl has a beautiful connection between. Almost every girl in this universe wants to be pregnant with her own child. It is one best thing that a woman can experience in her lifetime. Nothing I mean nothing can be happier than this thing for a woman in her entire lifetime. The process of pregnancy is itself a beautiful one to be executed only and only by a female not by a male. We all know that male and the female body is very much different in this sense. Although all the fundamental properties of both male and the female bodies are very much alike. Except this one, which defines a woman or rather the proud feeling of being a woman. These changes are very much significant. And these change in the internal organellar structure is very much used during the pregnancy period. And hence they get their significance. This proves the importance of a woman in this universe. Without the balance in the population between the men and the women the world will break apart. This balance brings a strong and yet very much soothing effect in the surroundings as well as in the life of a men. So it is our duty to give women the place they deserve and also respect the superiority in this world.

The process of sexual reproduction

The mechanism of sexual reproduction is very much beautiful in its own course. Sexual reproduction is the method which makes a women pregnant. Apart from plant every animal from lower class to higher class undergoes the same process of sexual reproduction. Plant under the reproductive method which is called as the asexual reproduction. The method of sexual reproduction involves the mating between the male body and the female body. Through this mating the sexual reproduction gets its actual significance where the male body gives or provides something to the female body with which the sexual cycle which takes 9 long months for the production of the baby starts. The thing that is exchanged by the male counterpart is the sperm. It is secretory substance that a male body produces due to the action of the hormone in the male body. This sperm contains DNA and the genetic material which gets to interact with genetic material during their sexual reproductive time. And this interaction gives the woman the opportunity to possess a baby in the course of time. So as previously the balance is very much required as both of them contributes to this nature is same way.


Female body is also under the action of hormones in this period and the effect of the hormone in the female body is much more. Douching during pregnancy is the effect of this hormonal complexity in the female body.

Elevated level of Hormones

Douching appears in the time period when the baby is growing in the mother’s womb. It occurs due to the effect of the elevated level of secreted estrogen and progesterone during this period in a woman. It is actually very much good for the woman as they get to know the presence of the baby growing inside. It is a very relieving as well as very much happy moment for a woman.

Answer to the question

So the question can you douche during pregnancy is definitely a yes, which is faced by each and every woman in their gestation period.

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