Doublelist Review

Are you wondering what is Doublelist? Take a minute to read the following review and you’ll have all of your important Doublelist questions answered.

What Is Doublelist and How Does It Work?

Posting personals online has become more difficult after new US regulations were passed pertaining to Craigslist personals and how these were being used. Doublelist personals offer a viable alternative to those.

Anyone who signs up to become a member can post a personal and look for similar-minded individuals. The process is fairly simple and straightforward, boosting the usability of the platform.

Whether you’re looking for a steamy hookup or a platonic relationship, publishing Doublelist personals is the way to go. There’s really no need to worry if your ad is more on the risqué side. Many other Doublelist members will be creating similar personal ads and their needs will come quite close to what you’re looking for.

Is Doublelist Legit?

A serious and important question that many reviews refrain from answering.

Just like other free service providers, this one raises some brows. People worry about the legitimacy of such opportunities and whether these can be utilized without worrying.

Doublelist is completely legit and as such, you shouldn’t worry about giving it a try. The safety of the platform, however, is entirely dependent on your behavior.

Is Doublelist Safe?

The short answer to this question is yes, Doublelist is safe. The longer answer, however, is heavily dependent on just how cautious you are when posting personals and communicating with other members.

There’s some risk in terms of publishing a personal ad online. You have to be discerning and you have to be careful about the kinds of people you communicate with. If you’re careful and smart about the things you do, there’ll be no reason to worry. Main Features

Some main features worth mentioning include the following:

  • Location-based personals publishing
  • Tags attached to each personal for easier filtering
  • An opportunity to reach out and communicate through the website
  • Straight, gay and bi dating opportunities available
  • Basic design
  • Free of charge signup Personals

Personals on this website can be basic or a bit more personalized to reach out and connect with the right members of the community. Unfortunately, you cannot see what these ads look like unless you register.

Chatting with Other Members

Whether you’re interested in a serious relationship, just sex or chatting, you can communicate with others through the website.

Keep in mind you will be required to enter your phone number when registering but this is used more for ID verification purposes than for anything else. Your personal information is not going to be shared with other members of the portal and you can rest assured that your sensitive data will be protected on Doublelist. Alternatives

There have been some complaints about the quality of customer service and the presence of escorts on Doublelist. So, what are some Doublelist alternatives you can explore and have fun with if the portal isn’t the one that’s just right for you?

Ashley Madison

Not a Doublelist alternative per se but Ashley Madison is worth mentioning. This is a dating and networking service that’s targeted to the needs of people who are married or in a relationship and who are looking for something on the side.

Like Doublelist, Ashley Madison allows things to get really sexual. To benefit from this service, however, you will have to pay.

This is the second Doublelist alternative in the list. If you want sites like Doublelist, you’ll be happy with what has to offer. The directory focuses on the US and Canada. It allows you to publish personals or to look for escorts, sugar babies, hookups and casual sex.

Again, you need to register an account to publish your ad. Like Doublelist, allows members to create and upload their ads free of charge.

This is more of a dating website and less of a hookup opportunity. DoULike is known for its fairly big community that enables members to interact with numerous other interested individuals. While DoULIke has lots of US members, it is an international website and chances are that you’ll come across numerous singles that live close to you.

In the search for websites like Doublelist, you’ll probably come across classic opportunities like this one.

While the website is more dedicated to standard classifieds in many fields, there is a personal section there. It allows members to seek casual dating, straight, gay and bi connections. Posting an ad is free of charge but you will once again have to create an account for the purpose.

Adult Friend Finder

With a name like that, the website is bound to be fun.

Adult Friend Finder is often being described as a sex-positive hookup site. It’s been reviewed positively in various online media, including Mashable. Advertised as a sex and swingers community, this portal isn’t for the shy or faint at heart.

If you’re 100 percent about sex, you will like Adult Friend Finder. Otherwise, consider exploring one of the other opportunities mentioned in the list above. Chances are that they’ll come closer to what you’re looking for.

Any individual who enrolls to become a member has the opportunity to create a personal post and seek out like-minded individuals, fostering connections and shared interests. The process itself is designed to be simple and straightforward, enhancing the platform's usability and minimizing any potential complications, much like how safety measures help prevent car accidents on the road

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Author's Bio:  
Mike Anderson is a young writer for online dating website He tries to help people to overcome relationship problems and give helpful pieces of advice. is a young writer for online dating website He tries to help people to overcome relationship problems and give helpful pieces of advice.