Mistakes are bound to happen, never worry While taking chances.

Do right things at right time.

Watch porn because “Zindagi Na milegi dobara” means you will not get the adolescence again.
Nobody is going to give you practical sessions or classroom training. You have to learn it on your own. When God couldn't stop Adam from exploring Sex then who am I.
Masturbation is also very relaxing sometimes, specially on weekends when you have nothing to do.
Only if you know when to put a hard stop and differentiate between enjoyment and addiction because both are equally important for your mental and emotional development. Moreover it will save your precious time and money, so instead of running behind opposite Sex or wasting your time in daydreaming you will be able to focus on studies. It will save your day searching people from tinder, FB, Insta and other social media.

Don't get indulge in casual Sex till you are mature enough to forget it like it never happened.
Don't get into a serious relationship except friendship. One break up may spoil your entire year and sometimes your entire carrier by the time you get out of hangover.
Don't Read Read Read all the time, read what is relevant and what you can practically apply otherwise you will become Gyanchand means someone who can only give advice and doesn't any work.
Listening is good but you need to speak also if you want to be a good orator. Start with reading loudly if nobody is listening you. Debate with your family and friends in organised manner using parliamentary language.
“Nobody died because of Hard Work but why take chances” use this only if you are very smart or on the verge of retirement. Hard Work has no substitute. It may take time but finally it will pay.
Don't waste so much time on fitness and body shaping, round is also a shape, just 1 hour is enough if you are not searching a carrier in sports. Once you will get a good job and good salary you will have enough time to maintain yourself otherwise you will get a mediocre job with lesser salary and never get time in future.
Don't waste your parents hard earned money in smoking and drinking. If you can't say no then try to earn by doing some pretty work or try it on parties (free) only. You never know when you will become habitual from occasional if you purchase it once.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer and motivational speaker having more than 15 years of experience.