Being a leader does not mean being a taskmaster. While it is the job of a leader to manage, motivate, and supervise the team, it is equally important that the leader builds healthy rapport and a sense of comradeship. A leader is the captain of the ship – steering it in the right direction, while making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Leadership development workshops teach you how to enhance leadership skills and become a better manager.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for a proficient leader:

Encourage your team: A respected leader is the one who facilitates work, and not just supervises. For a person to perform at his optimum best, he needs space and motivation to flourish. A competent leader allows people to explore their capabilities so that they can work in a much better way. Leadership development programs allow the team members to shine and hone their skills.

Communication should be two-way: Maintaining a constant flow of communication is the most vital aspect of managing a team efficiently. Communication may not necessarily be only about the work and tasks to accomplish. Getting feedback, brainstorming on how to perform better or addressing issues and problems faced by the team members are also important communication points to consider.

Set short-term and long-term goals: Keeping the team charged and motivated is the leader’s job. Setting goals for the team will help the team to prioritize their day-to-day work and perform together to achieve the goal. However, while setting the goals, the leader should be careful of not setting the bar too high – which may end up demoralizing the team members. Setting goals is a versatile way of ensuring that the team understands the importance of working together and in a timely manner.

Enthusiasm is the key: When the office routine gets dreary and the team members are feeling low, it reflects in their work too. A leader has to maintain enthusiasm and excitement within the team. For this, the leader should make the team understand how important they and their work is for the organization. Give them a reason to respect their work and that will show in the way they work!

The skills of a leader have to be learnt and practised to be perfected. Leadership development workshops stressing on developing leadership skills are helpful for learning tips and points, which one can use while managing their team. Leadership development programs are ingenious and fun ways to learn, improve, and practice leadership skills that a manager needs during their everyday work.

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Arun Rao is a corporate trainer in reputed company and who writes on numerous topics including Induction training, Sales training, Leadership training programs & Innovation workshops, to name a few.