Happiness is online shopping! Gone are the days when you have to physically visit a store, now everything is just a click away. From grocery to jewellery everything can be purchased online from the comfort of your home. While most of us are purchasing all the products online but when it comes to online jewellery shopping we are pretty apprehensive and there are definitely some genuine reasons behind it.

From expensive diamond and gold to artificial chunky pieces, you have multiple options when you purchase from an online jewellery store. It’s pretty easy to get swayed away in an online world; so you have to be extra-cautious before going on a shopping spree by adhering to certain factors which includes:

Thorough Research:

Not all online jewellery stores are trustworthy, you have to do extensive research online as well as take suggestions from friends and relatives before deciding to shell out money. Online shopping India artificial jewellery is comparatively easy as compared to traditional jewellery shopping because of price and quality concerns. But with thorough research, you can list out the best stores. If you are a serial shopper then do check out brands and stores that value your money and provides impeccable service.

Visiting Websites:

Once you have a list of all the trusted stores, go and visit their websites. Check their address, contact number, testimonials and whether they have a user-friendly interface or not. If you are satisfied with the website, move to their social media pages and scroll their latest updates and check if they are replying to the customer queries in a fixed interval or not. At this stage you also have to check for reviews and ratings, this will help you have a positive approach towards the store.

Shipping and Return policy:

When it comes to online jewellery shopping, another main concern a customer faces is their shipping and return policy. So make sure that when you visit the website it should have clear information about shipping and return policy. Shipping and delivery policy may vary from shop to shop but most of the stores deliver products within two to seven working days. Similarly, the return policy involves return within 30 days. Do look for additional terms and conditions involved in shipping.

Price and Payment options:

Comparing prices and checking the payment options thoroughly is definitely a must. For online shopping India artificial jewellery, prices are not that big an issue as opposed to gold and diamond. Gold and diamond are extremely costly so while purchasing them you should thoroughly compare price and it is always better to make payment in parts as many of the stores provide this facility. For artificial jewellery, you can choose payment on delivery options to protect sharing your card details.

Quality is important:

Purity for gold and silver and quality for artificial jewelry both are important. Carefully examine the images before taking any decision, compare with other websites and remember finishing and good quality enamelling matters a lot. Even after purchasing if you find any discrepancies, immediately contact the store or quickly fill the return forms.

Hassle-free purchase:

Take your time and decide whether you want to buy from jewellery store for a particular occasion and attire or for regular use and then choose the patterns and designs accordingly. If it is for regular use then check whether the piece you are going to purchase goes well with your regular attire or not and then invest on it. Remember hasty decisions often lead to unpleasant purchases.

Are you happy with these dos and don’ts? If not, then do let us know in the comments what’s left out.

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