The door handles design should look amazing with an elegant look for every kind of room. Add delicacy to your house with the exquisite designs from the list.

Minimalist Looking Door Lock
Are you having a door with cool tone colors? If so, this brass door lock is the right one for you. A slender design with a creamy handle texture delivers every visitor exhibit good at every touch.

These silver-colored door handles are half curved to give a better grip to every delicate hand. In addition, it has a long key panel attached to give a filling and royal touch to your home door.

One might argue about antique brass door locks, but they are still in the market for hassle-free use. No need for a separate lock panel or anything; just insert the key, twist the knob and it is good to go!

Eccentric Looking Door Lock Design
Seeking a curve that not only looks well but fits perfectly too? You should get this door handle design for your place. The attached keyhole makes life easy and simple with an aesthetic design.

Ethnic Patterns All Over the Locks
Some people prefer the traditions over contemporary looks. These door knobs appear in a bright rusty golden shade with true patterns all over the surface. The finish is standard matt but can steal eye contact with every touch. Ready for a Vintage looking lock?

Rusty Locks Door Design
Make your wooden door look ecstatic with the door locks design. Choose a chestnut brown or nut brown door as the lock will glide seamlessly with these shades.

Round, Elongated Door Lock
If you want to experiment with designs and décor, go for this door lock. It is amazing to use for the bathroom as simple designs present more substantial bathrooms in space. This stylish door lock goes perfectly for all door designs.

Rusty Curved Door Locks
Antique brass lock and key designs always have these dramatic-looking romantic door locks in their collection. The design comes with a separate at the right side of the door. This handle design will make your front door stand extraordinary to anyone’s visit.

Corporate Style Door Design
This brass door lock is flat and svelte for every touch. The square-shaped design that connects the grip to the door makes the whole outlook professional and responsible.

Vaastu says to make the home décor look stylish by also updating the security. So here is a door lock design to fit both standards perfectly. The door design has a triple lock system and a latch to ensure privacy with every use.

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Long, Tall, and Easy Door Design
These Decorative locks look great for office spaces, houses, and back doors. The traditional design fits well with glass and wooden doors. To make the door handle design highlight, pair it with a dark-colored door, either wood-made or fiber-made.