Have you ever blamed someone else for the life you are living? Or expect that someone else is the one responsible for giving you the life you want? Have you ever thought, "If I had different parents, siblings, or life conditions, I would have what I want in life."

Guess what...you are the only person responsible for your life. No one else is responsible for how your life goes or where your life goes. You can blame others on how your life is going because of their actions but they are not responsible for your reactions and your reality. That blame is misdirected. Even if someone does something rotten to you it is in how you react and carry on that causes your life to change. You may have had some past moments with someone or something that you think makes your life the way it is now but ultimately you have the choice as to whether it will affect your life now.

So what does it mean to take responsibility for your own life? You begin by letting go all the experiences and thoughts of the past that don't serve you any longer. Be responsible in letting go what you don't need to create the life you want. You know, the parts of your past that contain negative moments. Time to let them go and all that is connected to them. We're not talking about leaving people behind that are family or friends just the negative feelings you may be harboring toward someone or something. You take responsibility in knowing that you can have the life you want and that you, and only you, can change your life. Those past moments won't make up your future if you are able to understand and learn from the experience and then 'delete' it from your current life.

When you are a victim in a circumstance there is a point where you pick up and move on from the circumstance. This doesn't mean you're not aware in the future but what it does mean is that you learn what it is that you want or don't want from it and keep moving forward. No reason to dwell. See and envision what you want in your life. No one is responsible for what your life has become. It is all in your attitude. If you say, "Poor me. Oh, that experience ruined my life" than that is what you will get as you keep affirming the statement. But if you say, "I now understand what I want in my life and I want to learn what I can from that circumstance. After that, I'll move forward and create wonderful days for myself" that is what you will get when you affirm that statement.

Expecting someone else to make it big for you is another way of not creating your own reality. You're putting that onus on another and your reality isn't going to change by putting it on someone else's shoulders. Envision for your future and be responsible in how you create. Create your reality and not another's.

Your thoughts and feelings are powerful and how you decide to direct them is where your life will go. Only you are responsible for your life.

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