Have you ever longed for a support system that would accept you just as you are and also give you constructive feedback about what you need to improve? How much would you value a group with a vested interest in your personal and professional success?

Imagine being surrounded in a comforting blanket woven with the support of like-minded colleagues who honor your struggles, freely share ideas and resources, and gently hold you accountable for reaching your highest goals. Welcome to the power of a Mastermind Group.


Why can't friends and family provide the support you need? They are rarely objective. They have a certain mental picture of you based on your history together. Because of the hardwiring of the human brain, it's tough for most of our close associates to perceive our true potential. No wonder they don't consistently challenge us to be bigger, bolder and better.

Unfortunately, some friends and family members have an unconscious vested interest in our staying stuck. These people are actually comfortable when we're less successful and happy than we could be. Why? If we were to free ourselves from a stuck place, we would provide a mirror they don't want to look into. It's a reflection of who they could become. Most people resist change even when it's clearly to their advantage. Since misery loves company, even when the drama is unconscious, it's essential that we step outside of our inner circle so we can learn, grow and enjoy the richly rewarding life we deserve.

One species of caterpillar (processional caterpillars) perform a ritual that illustrates the importance of a mastermind group. Like some friends and family, processional caterpillars appear to be supportive, but they are the type of support system that can strangle you. They're stagnant instead of adaptive.

The bugs' fascinating ceremony consists of three steps. First, a leader caterpillar appears. Then a straight line of furry critters forms behind the captain and the entire group travels together in perfect formation. Their teamwork is so impeccable that it literally kills their progress. How?

The second caterpillar places its fuzzy head on the tail of the commander. A third caterpillar then joins the group by placing its head on the rump of the second. Additional caterpillars follow suit until each has its head on the rear end of the caterpillar immediately ahead. Eventually, the lead caterpillar places its head on the tail of the last caterpillar. Now, the group has formed a perfect circle. This may sound cute or quaint, but the caterpillars continue traveling around and around in a circle until they die of hunger—even if food is placed inside the circle.


If you want to accelerate your own success and happiness, pause to ponder. Take a few minutes to evaluate the strength of your own support system.

• How adaptable are the thinking and behavior of your current friends, family, and other associates?
• Does your support network facilitate –– or deter –– your ability to change and grow?
• Do your friends and family listen to you in a nonjudgmental manner . . . or do they impose their opinions and expectations?
• Are you in any way holding back your own progress by clinging to group support in an attempt to achieve safety or security?
• Which personal and professional relationships truly sustain you during difficult times?


Even if your current support system is meeting some of your needs, make a decision to dramatically improve your results. It's simple and easy to step outside of your circle by enrolling in a mastermind group. You'll enjoy receiving the support you need from a group of like-minded people who unconditionally appreciate you. They'll help you uncover hidden resources so you can capitalize on your strengths.

The rich and famous have been devoted to their dream teams for centuries. The term "mastermind" was hidden from the rest of us until Napolean Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich," broke the silence. Now you can take advantage of a well-tested formula for more quickly and easily achieving your dreams.

Asking for help is a sign of high self-esteem and a mastermind group is so powerful that you'll achieve far more with less time and energy. If you're ready for a personal and professional breakthrough, sign up for a free test drive of a mastermind group. Just go to http://MastermindWithDoris.com and select the free session of your choice.

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When you choose to work with Doris, you gain a certified coach and mentor coach with a proven track record of empowering clients. Doris Helge, Ph.D. understands how the human brain works (it defaults into fear). Doris' mastermind groups are unique because she uses sound science (neuroscience). Her approach guarantees that you always feel safe and supported to move toward your goals with joy and ease.

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