OK - we All have that nasty little voice in our heads at one time or another. The one that nags at you with, "You're never going to be able to do that." "You'll never succeed at this." "It will never happen." "I'll never be really happy."

About face! Sing it together now.."Pesky Pessimistic Negative Notions are dead. Happy Hits of Success are Shining and Thriving in EVERY way for me Today!"

"But Deb, these defeating voices are so loud in my head, I can never quiet them down,"

Yes, and remember the loudest voice you hear is not necessarily the truest voice to be heard.

We may not be able to control what thoughts come into our head at any given moment in time. Feelings and thoughts are like clouds in the sky. The come and go with the wind. What you CAN control is how long you leave them there, and if you choose to feed into them, or starve them to death. That choice is most definitely yours.

"How do I get rid of negative thoughts and beliefs?"

Get rid of the dark thought, and replace it with a positive light. This is a powerful analogy to reflect upon. If you enter a dark room with a candle, what happens to the room? It lights up! Can you enter a room brightly lit, and bring in some darkness? Of course not. The same is true with your thoughts.

Every time you have a negative voice screaming lies into your head, you need to be prepared with an easy to remember "light switch" quote, which will evaporate the darkness and overwhelm your mind with the light. I call this effort "Successful Sabotage."

What is your favorite positive quote which ALWAYS gives you hope and a positive energy feeling? Memorize this today, and practice saying the phrase out loud every time you have a negative thought enter your head. Watch what happens after you practice this all day long in your every day living.

Begin at the beginning, and begin now. Don't always believe the loudest voice in your mind. Do believe you always have a louder voice cheering you on for success at any moment you decide to listen. Cheer, cheer!

Author's Bio: 

Deb Scott is the Author of the hit book: "The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue - turning your upside down world right side up!" Deb Scott is lifestyle consultant, helping individuals and groups transform anything bad into a jewel they love! Available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, or your local bookstore through Ingram Distributors. For more information visit http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.com