I often get told that someone is waiting to start their business or one of my programs or make a change when the time is right. Without being disrespectful, it is laughable. Laughable for a few reasons: First, to believe that we are actually in that much control. Second, to believe that there is anything more than just a delay in your destiny is out of integrity. And third, if you have thought it even for a nanosecond then the time is now.

Accurate thinking will tell you that life is just a series of moments and the more you wait, the more well, you wait. I know it seems simple, but that's because it is. I don't think there is a right time for someone to die anymore than there is a right time for someone to be born. I don't think you meditate or ponder the right time to launch a business or get the help you need.

You feel and then do it.

Yep - you might think that can get you in trouble. Feel it, do it, and don't think it. I will tell you the trouble it has gotten me in is the best kind- I was moving forward. And, so maybe I looked a little foolish or wasn't quite ready, but the payoff was action. The reward was no more waiting.

I know some of you are scared...and that's why it doesn't seem like the right time. I feel you. Fear is the biggest factor in waiting. Fear will always make you wonder.

So, for those...

Who wanted off my list a while back when I said get off your ass in an email, I wonder why that struck you so deeply? Have you been sitting on your rear a bit too long?

So, for those...

Who started a program and quit or didn't follow through, I wonder why you forgot that I believed in you until you could believe in yourself?

So, for those...

Who have blamed others for not making the money they wanted or having the success they desire, I wonder who hurt you that you have not yet forgiven?

So, for those...

Who said next time I will get the support I need, but for now I am not ready, I wonder why you do not see your magnificent possibility?

So, for those...

Who want to change the world, I ask you are you willing to first change YOUR world?

There is only one right time. And you are living in it as you read this. At the end of this newsletter go make the boldest decision you have ever made. This is the right time, and you have my love, confidence, and support.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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