We are brought up in a STUFF IT society. In other words, it is more important to be politically correct and look good than it is to tell 'our truth' even if our truth is upsetting. Because we are brought up in a STUFF IT society there are things that people stew about for years then one day their 'stew' explodes into an unexpected act of violence where people kill themselves and/or others.

There is no sin in feeling angry, upset or rage. However when you stuff those feelings, over a period of years those feelings turn into 'dark energy' and take over control of your body.

Once those negative feelings take control of your body, if you don't figure out how to safely release them, they will explode, out of you, when you least expect it (when you are in a weakened state of mind) or they will cause you to become ill and die before your time.

There is not one person I know who doesn't have things they are angry, pissed off or upset about. However, most of the people I know sit on their 'stuff' and let it fester inside them. Many people literally allow their upsets to eat them alive (cancer) rather than express their upsets in healthy ways that would release and dissolve their upsets and set themselves free from the pain of their upsets forever.

If you have things you are pissed off (anger, rage) about, the best way to rid yourself of your 'stuff'' is by writing it out until you no longer feel any upset about what was upsetting you in the first place.. Some times it takes writing about an upsetting situation or person several times until that potentially 'dark energy' is released from your body and you feel peaceful and centered again.

Something most people don't know about anger and rage is this; when you experience anger or rage that means your sense of justice has been violated. It is a ALERT signal that a responsible action has to be taken in order for you to right the wrong that has been done to you. It can also be an ALERT signal letting you know a change in attitude is regards to your situation is required to find the 'peace of mind' you seek.

Change your Thoughts, Change Your Life

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Frederick Zappone is a Western PA native and the former VP of a nationally known company. He has spent over twenty-five years showing people on how to make their dreams come true using easy to understand self-help methods and techniques that produce amazing results in a very short period of time.