My brain has been on fire today... all day long. I started the day being very grumpy and didn't feel very loving or caring. According to my boyfriend I was quite cold and not very nice. Hum, I did not know what was coming, we went to Ruth's diner in the canyon to have a nice breakfast, on our way there I felt the need to work on my dad and help him clear some of his blocks, as I felt that he was somehow struggling in Senegal. I did not know what I was doing since I had never done anything like that before, but somehow I felt the healing happening and the transfer of energy, very powerful and overwhelming, so much that I got dizzy. My boyfriend John, who is a healer helped me through the process and helped me heal some of the things that came up for me, I could feel the shift happen, it was amazing and I felt like floating on a balloon, it felt like walking on air... hard to describe but very liberating and powerful.

I didn't know that this would bring up my crap and help me heal it, later on we went to the theater to watch "Rock of Ages" with Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta-Jones, it was an interesting movie, some people would call it stupid or annoying but it had a very powerful message for me, when one of the characters said "Sometimes lost things can be found, don't stop believing, love... ", it was one of those things that really helped me have a big shift and remember that I lost myself, but sometimes lost things can be found. What I got from it was that: "as long as I believe, I will find myself again!"

Sometimes I feel like I lost my soul and do not really know who I am. Seeking transformation is one of the most painful and beautiful things I have ever been through, first I had to figure out who I was not, who I was pretending not to be, and drop the social mask I have been wearing for years.

What if you are not who you think you are? What if you are more than your physical body, more than your beliefs, your traditions and cultures? What if you are more powerful than you think you are? What if you are divine? What if your life has been perfectly designed to help you learn what you are yearning to experience? What if there are no accidents at all, and everything is light and love? What if what you see is not what is, but your own truth filtered through your life's experiences and perceptions? What if your life was a BIG FAT LIE, and what if I am the love I have been seeking for all my life? What if I am my own knight in shining armor? What if all my life I have been looking for me, and been trying to love me all along? What if I am LOVE? What if I am Happiness? What if I am my own TRUE LOVE? What if I am all that I have been seeking for and could not accept and love myself because I GOT IN MY OWN WAY? What if... ?

Do we ever ask ourselves why we do not ask the positive "What if?" Why do we focus on the negative possibilities instead of the beauty of life? We could embrace every day as a gift and a blessing, loving ourselves each day, nurturing our soul and body, developing and growing our relationship between "us" and "us". I am focusing on my relationship between me and me because it is the most important relationship in my life.

It all starts with willingness, I am willing to LOVE myself fully, I am willing to ACCEPT myself fully, I am willing to be my best every day, I am willing to choose LOVE, PEACE and JOY. What are you willing to do to change your life today? Don't stop believing in yourself! You can find yourself again by awakening; by reclaiming your power as a divine being, by standing up for yourself and loving yourself LIKE you have never been HURT... !

You might ask yourself what all this has to do with money? Here is my answer, you need to heal what needs to be healed, love yourself, forgive yourself and others, get rid of your blocks and the pain from the past, claim and embrace your power before you can manifest money and everything else you want... So that you can have and dwell in joy, abundance and happiness.

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I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.