Chronic prostatitis is going up continuously. Although there are various treatments, the poor therapeutic effects let many males down.

In general, a scientific diagnosis is essential prior to the therapy, which means you have to figure out the fundamental cause before dealing with chronic prostatitis.

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis mainly include frequent urination, urgent urination, urinary pain, pain radiating to the perineum, the lower abdomen and so on. There may be dizziness, tiredness, back pain and other general mental nervous system manifestations in sufferers with chronic prostatitis, and they are not specific, which implies these symptoms can also happen in other urinary tract infections plus genital infections. Some illnesses with unexplained causes may likewise feature these symptoms.

On condition that you have no idea what the fundamental causes of the illness is, and still regard it as chronic prostatitis, the therapeutic effect may not be satisfying as you hoped. After having some symptoms mentioned before, you need to go to the special hospital and make a full diagnosis.

Chronic prostatitis is an awful trouble, while it is curable. Anatomically, the prostate gland has a flexible capsule, which is divided into three layers. The outer layer is rich in veins and loose connective tissue, the middle layer is the fibrous sheath, and the inner layer is the muscular layer.

The protective effect of such a capsule on the prostate is perfect, but there is a big drawback, which is the veins are in the outer layer and little blood flows into the glands. If there is an inflammation in the prostate gland, oral medicine or injection medicine will be not easy to be absorbed into the prostate gland. Consequently, a single anti-inflammatory therapy is often insufficient.

So doctors have tried to overcome this barrier by injecting drugs directly into the prostate gland. This does improve the therapeutic efficacy on infections induced by pathogenic microorganisms, while actually many sufferers with chronic prostatitis belongs to the group of "aseptic inflammation", meaning no bacteria needing to be wiped out. Accordingly, the direct injection does not work.

What is more, this is a management of trauma, which can trigger continuous infection or function damage, and glandular sclerosis individually. Accordingly, the comprehensive therapy strategy is needed.

On the one side, the adoption of traditional Chinese medicine can completely mobilize the body immune function and enhance its anti-inflammatory capacity. For instance, the natural remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a nice approach for sufferers to ameliorate blood circulation and inner immunity. It reacts on the whole genitourinary system without giving rise to any side effects.

On the other side, anti-bacterial therapy and anti-inflammatory therapy should be performed based on the cause of infection. Further, the non-drug conditioning is likewise required, that is, sufferers should take notice of healthy diet and daily habits. Via these approaches, sufferers with chronic prostatitis manage to pull through in the end.

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