Various women experience at least once in their lifetime a vaginal discomfort or some kind of unexpected pain during intercourse. Moreover, researches reveal that during the past years, the number of patients that complained about vaginal dryness increased significantly, leading to a recurrent need for addressing the issue.

Even though practitioners recommend the usage of a lubricant or topical cream meant to hydrate the vaginal area, there are situations in which vaginal dryness cannot be sufficiently dealt with without undergoing a vaginal dryness procedure. However, this common problem can be resolved and treating it can have a significant impact on your life.

What Is Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal dryness represents an issue that can be experienced by women of all ages, yet it becomes much more frequent after menopause. Even though several studies reveal that up to 90% of menopausal women experience this problem, most of them don't seek treatment. What is even more intriguing is that patients of all ages can experience such issues due to their body's inability to produce proper amounts of collagen and estrogen.

Vaginal dryness can significantly impact the quality of life. Even though other menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes diminish in time, vaginal dryness does not fade away. It is a result of a physical change in the vagina, mainly the atrophy of tissue, which makes the muscles less flexible due to estrogen loss.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as inadequate vaginal lubrication, itching, extreme dryness, or painful intercourse, it is best to seek medical advice and consider undergoing a vaginal dryness treatment if you are a suitable candidate, which is a non-surgical laser procedure.

Who Can Benefit from Vaginal Dryness Treatments?

● Women in their late 40s are the perfect candidates for this type of treatment, as it is a promising method of lessening the symptoms and improving quality of life.

● Women who opted for HRT, whose symptoms were not diminished in intensity during treatment.

● Women that had or have cancer treatment, which prevents them from using hormone replacement therapy.

● Women who tried some topical creams prescribed for mild vaginal dryness and did not achieve the desired results.

● Any women that experience vaginal discomfort, no matter her age.

What Symptoms Addresses a Vaginal Dryness Treatment?

Usually, every issue related to vaginal tightness or moisture can be dealt with by using a non-surgical laser procedure. Discomforts such as extreme dryness, vaginal burning, painful intercourse, itching, frequent urinary problems, light bleeding, or lack of vaginal lubrication can be improved with the help of this procedure. Depending on each individual situation, one or more sessions might be required to resolve the problem properly.

MonaLisa Touch Procedure
The innovative laser treatment for vaginal dryness, Mona Lisa Touch can deal with vaginal atrophy by boosting the natural vaginal response of recovery for the genital mucosa. It is a safe and painless method of treatment, which mainly leads to increased collagen production. Other effects observed include increased blood flow in the vaginal area or better functionality of the vagina.

Besides being effective and comfortable for the patient, this vaginal dryness treatment can be done rapidly, taking no more than five minutes.

How to Book a Procedure?
Before undergoing a vaginal dryness treatment, you will have to obtain a referral from your doctor in which he or she will suggest that vaginal dryness or atrophy might be your diagnosis. Our specialist will discuss it with you and recommend different procedures that would be best suited to address your particular issue.

In some cases, our doctors will recommend the usage of topical ointments that promote lubrication, after which, if they prove to be ineffective, laser therapy might be suggested. Choosing a vaginal dryness laser treatment will require for you to sign a consent form, in which you agree you received all the required and are making a well-informed decision.

A successful therapy might require up to three procedures to be applied six weeks apart, which will increase the chances of long-lasting results, often resulting in having an improved sex life and as a by-product of that a boost in self-confidence.

At the V Institute, laser treatments are performed only by experienced practitioners, that were trained in using such equipment, which is why our success rate is higher than in the case of other clinics. Learn more about vaginal dryness treatments over on their website at and consider booking a consultation today and stop just putting up with something that is in most cases very treatable.

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