We can often let worry, stress and other negative thoughts consume us. If we don’t stop those thoughts, they can cause accidents in our lives. Here are a few steps to help drive you in the right direction so you don’t go down that road again.

Inspect – It is important before you drive to inspect your car for damage and non-working parts. When you inspect your thought life, it helps you identify what creates your negative thoughts and increase your awareness of them so you can recognize them for the damaged parts they are and replace them before you take your journeys in life.

Park – After you have inspected your car, you start the ignition. You don’t move anywhere because the car is in park. No matter how hard you try you can never drive in that position, but it’s still a necessary starting point. When it comes to negative thoughts, you must take hold of them and place them in park. Prevent them from moving forward and understand that you’re the one in control and behind the wheel, not your thoughts.

Neutral – Used more often in stick shift cars, neutral allows a car’s transmission to rest between gears so the engine can slow down and get ready for a change in speed. Just like a car engine, it is important to put yourself in neutral before you can move forward with strength and confidence. That means rest, compose yourself and prepare to go in the direction you choose. Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques are examples of great tools you can use to prepare to change gears.

Reverse – In a car, reverse allows you to go backwards and position yourself correctly so you can head in a new direction. When you have negative thoughts, you have to reverse your mind into a new, healthy outlook on your situation and your life. Believe you can handle any roadblocks or detours that may come your way. This will prepare you to change your thought direction from negative to positive.

Drive – Whether or not you’re the type to obey speed limits, a car is meant to drive you forward in any direction you choose. When you get to this step in your thought life, you are ready to drive toward whatever you believe will help you realize your hopes and dreams, with both hands firmly on the steering wheel. Then you can guide yourself carefully and successfully over every speed bump on your path toward happiness.

You don’t need a license to follow these simple rules. I should point out, however, that the road ahead isn’t full of green lights. Sometimes you need to slow down or make a full stop. Once you become familiar with the signs, just roll the top down, throw on your shades and take your new high-performance self out for a drive. Hit the pavement and know you are ready to face every traffic jam along the way with courage and good vibrations.

Author's Bio: 

Eve Rojas, MSSW, went through a deeply disturbing period in her life that caused a major depression. Although still suffering from the condition resulting from her experience, Eve believes strongly in the Holy Spirit within her and the promises of God, which exist beyond life’s trauma and stress. Eve shares the knowledge and skills she continues to develop each day to help you learn to shine your light and claim your inner strength so you can better manage life's ups and downs.

Eve Rojas relies on discernment and faith to follow the path in front of her and touch the souls of others. Eve possesses a Master of Science in Social Work with expertise in Social Enterprise Management from Columbia University. She also graduated with honors from Yale University.