Two essential elements become joined and turn into one of the most remarkable liquids ever to be found. It’s odorless and taste and yet can be the most refreshing beverage during just about any time during the day. It is more abundant that any other substance found on earth. It’s almost the only inorganic liquid that can be a gas, liquid, solid often at the same time. And it has the highest solvent power of any other fluid. What is it? Water! The existence of life on earth as we know it depends on it. In fact, water is the main ingredient of almost every living thing. Blood is considered the fluid of life but interestingly it is made up of four fifths of water. So water is vital to say the least!

Since water is a part of our every existence we need to stay hydrated. This in itself may be the hardest thing to keep track of because of being busy, distracted, or just plain forgetful. To illustrate how important water is notice these figures. A human can live without food for a period of 80 days but cannot live 10 days without it. Without water for one day we get thirsty pretty readily. A one or two percent loss of water can be distressing or even painful. A five percent loss causes our skin to begin to shrink and 15 percent loss causes death. By having an active life we lose water constantly (five to six pints a day) so it is imperative that we replenish what we lose. It is recommended that we try to drink five to six glasses of water each day.

Drinking water is just one way of hydrating the body. There are some foods that have a high percentage of water content. The following are some examples of these foods: Cucumbers and watermelon are both 97 percent water. Tomatoes are 95 percent water. Green Cabbage is 93 percent water. Broccoli is 91 percent water. Carrots are 87 percent water. Pineapple is 87 percent water. Boiled Kidney Beans (1 cup) are 77 percent water. Bananas are 74 percent water. Chicken breast is 65% percent water. Baked Salmon is 62 percent water. Cheese (blue, cheddar) is 40 percent water.

It’s a nice reminder that we have so many avenues available to ensure that our body is hydrated properly and regularly. Water is one of the most remarkable substances that could ever be found. So the next time you drink a cool glass of water, whether it is while relaxing or after exercising, remember that we would not be living without it. A pretty sobering thought, don’t you think?

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