I used to care about leaving a legacy behind. I thought having that focus would source some BIG thing from me and I like to think big. The truth is, I just want to make sure I don’t wimp out on things I feel inspired to experience or create in my world.

Even when I say I like to think BIG, I realize my thinking is still very teeny tiny compared to many people on this planet (like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Oprah to name a few).

I’ve discovered that thinking BIG has nothing to do with making a difference in the world. It really has to do with following through on the things that float your boat … and that just may include changing the world.

Wouldn’t it suck to always talk about what you want to do and create, and never take action because you ‘made up’ that it would take waaaay too much effort to manifest?

I have a client who has a very unique way of delivering to his marketplace. He told me he’d been thinking about writing a book when he retires. It’s been brewing in his creative mind for over a decade. I almost fell out of my chair when he told me this. “For goodness sake, please don’t wait until you retire to write that book. The time to do it is this year. Your market needs it now and it’ll open the floodgates to your ideal clients finding you this red hot moment. They are sourcing it from you!”

His response, “Yeah, don’t die with your potential intact.”

Boy, that statement really hit me between the eyes. How many times have I caught myself saying that I don’t need to really do what I said on my plan because I don’t have the bandwidth to give it attention.

No project or experience needs to be as complicated or hard as our little Gremlins make it out to be.

I’m creating a new service this year that I’ve been holding at arm’s length because I thought it was a beast of organization and effort. I began focusing on the end result and how it would impact my clients and myself and then everything began to fall in place. Now I can’t wait to take action.

When you remember why you wanted the experience or object in the first place, you can get your vibration up to speed and allow it to be served up in the most ideal way and timing.

• What if the book was easy and creating the time to write it improved your overall life quality?
• What if you believed that your business provided the unique twist to your market place and you began to shout your message from rooftops…very loud and proud?
• What if you packed your bags and went on a world tour? (My neighbors are doing this in a few months.)
• What if you changed careers, messages, target markets or pricing to reflect your ideal business vision?
• What if you hired that mentor you’ve been crushing on or attended that awesome retreat?
• What if you made a plan of inspired action to begin living your dream right now?

Forget potential, just get a good look at yourself in the mirror and take advantage of your magical gifts, enthusiasm and divine ideas.

Don’t die with your potential intact. Live it. Do it. Thinking big just means using your ability to create the life experiences you keep dreaming about. They can be small in comparison to someone else, but if you’re happy and free then you’re doing mighty fine.

I’m going to do less internal whining and more internal championing. Sounds like a good plan, huh?!

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