Our common global enemy is disease, so we built a system for pharma that uses data to accelerate development of drugs to fight emerging diseases,” says Donna Conroy.

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Donna Conroy, M.S. is CEO and Founder of SciMar ONE, LLC, a clinical data analytics technology company. Throughout her career, Donna has focused on two passions: translating complicated science to evolve drug development and building work environments that support women – especially working mothers, a mission close to her heart.

Donna oversees SciMar ’s day-to-day business and uses her extensive scientific background to support the clinical team. 

Expanding Opportunities for Women

Throughout her career, Donna has maintained a passion for creating work environments that support women – especially working mothers. She developed SciMar’s work-from-home model years before it was an accepted practice, to accommodate her own need for work-life balance with four children. This need evolved into a strong belief of attracting talent over physical presence. 

Donna is eager to expand and create new opportunities for women at the executive level as she grows her company. Goals include women representing more than 50% of the Board of Directors, executive management, and advisory boards.
In addition, SciMar proactively partners with women-owned companies, and is establishing internship and mentoring programs with at least 50% enrollment for women in STEM.

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