Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you were willing to do anything in order to reach your goal? Even though there were barriers, you knew this was right for you and nothing was going to stop you. Obstacles you previously avoided were now challenges you were ready to take on and overcome. You had a “do anything” attitude.

Once you develop a burning desire to reach a goal and you feel a strong innate sense about this new direction, your entire mindset shifts. The excuses and the resistance all of a sudden melt away. What used to appear to be mountains to scale are now just one more step to take toward your goal.

My client, Sue, was focusing on the obstacles she had to overcome in order to embrace her life’s purpose, beginning a private practice as a life coach. Sue was overwhelmed with how much needed to be done before stepping out of her corporate job and building her practice. She was a detailed person and wanted to have everything all mapped out.

Perfectionism is actually a barrier to success. Waiting for everything to be perfect prevents her from taking action. She claimed she wanted to know how it was all going to work out and each step of the way. She was nervous about this choice, but wanted it to work. Perfectionism was contributing to procrastination and avoiding a risk.

We discussed the principles of the Law of Attraction and continuing to vision her success as a life coach. Don’t wait until you have the perfect plan, take immediate action. You don’t have to know how to do it. This is the Law of Attraction in action. She didn’t have to know how to do it. Having the desire, feeling compelled and maintaining focus of her vision were more important than knowing how it was all going to work out.

Having a plan is important, but the “how” will show up. All Sue had to do was take the next step in front of her. Once she was able to focus on each step in front of her and remain in the present, she was ready to begin taking immediate action. The ways to do it will show up at the right moment.

The obstacles which once held her back were no longer seen as barriers. Now she was viewing them as challenges. She was ready to rise up to and overcome each challenge in order to reach her goal. Having the change in perception and viewing each step along the way as one step closer to reaching her goal changed everything for her.

She felt confident about her vision and her plan. Sue was stretching herself. She knew she was taking a risk with the decision to leave the comforts of her job and open a private practice. There were times along during the transition process that were uncomfortable. Her drive and her vision kept her going.

We focused on the times when things did not work out as she planned. Easily they could have been seen as failures and mistakes. This created a negative vibration and was uncomfortable. By focusing on failures she would begin to view her goal as impossible and retreat from her dream.

Instead of focusing on each of these incidents as failures or mistakes we reframed. The goal was to turn a negative into a positive. She was encouraged to embrace each mistake as a learning opportunity. Some lessons were more expensive than others. By remaining focused on her vision and her goal, opportunities continued to appear. Sue finally reached the point where she left her job and was stepping into a growing private practice.

Vision a practice target for archery, where the goal is to have a bull’s eye. That would be ideal and I call it “hitting the mark.” Many times, however, we do not hit the mark. In fact, more often than not, we miss the mark. If you look at the target, you will see there are concentric rings around the mark. How close were you to hitting the mark? Were you very far off or were you just a little bit off the mark.

Focus on challenges and be open to learning from them. Consider the adjustments you want to make to respond differently the next time you might be in a similar situation. These are learning opportunities. Continuing to learn from your experiences brings you closer to your goal.

A slight shift in perception changes mistakes from failure to challenges. Rise up to the challenge and overcome each one. By taking the risks you are always learning what works well and what needs improvement. You are constantly testing in order to continue moving toward your goal and life purpose. Success depends on constantly testing in order to find the right formula. Then continuing to test the formula to refine and improve upon it.

Activity: Now it is your turn. Identify one goal you have set for yourself. Now list 3 tasks you want to accomplish for today. Prioritize each of them. Begin with task one. Once that is completed then move onto task two. Complete that and then task 3. Do them in order. Complete the first task before you start a new one. Even if you do not do it perfectly the first time, that is okay. The bottom line is you are beginning to take action. Taking action will help to move you closer to your goals.

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