In today’s times, everything is about who holds the money!

In feng shui, money is just another tender to barter for goods and services.

Barter, in years past, was when someone brought in a boat load of fish; they would all be rich, as everyone would have enough to eat! Also, people living on farms would trade their chickens or eggs for another farmer’s produce. It was when people started to get paid in ‘cash money’ that changed the whole course of history.

Money makes the world go ’round… I pay for a haircut. The stylist takes the money to the grocery store and buys food for her kids. The store collects the money and pays suppliers and the employees. The employees take their pay check home, which enriches their lives, and gives them security to buy things for their house or make a car payment. The lady of the house feels good because she has material things that feed her self esteem, and she is free to go out and get her hair cut.

It is interesting to observe how people handle their money. Some people gravitate into the role of ‘hoarder’ or ‘spender’ as time marches on. A hoarder would be the one in charge of (or in fear of) having enough money for rent, retirement, payments, insurances, etc. The spender would be the one to purchase with impulse, without consulting, without considering consequences.

Once in a while, you’ll find a money-hoarder partnered up with a chronic spender. A person who likes to shop and likes ‘new’ things may also need to justify his/her power. In extreme differences, the imbalance can be blamed on either gender as each one can be feeding off the other: the hoarder who wishes to save and pinches pennies, enables the spending habits of the other… and it goes around and around, compensating for the other partner to find a balance.

Money does have power. The ones who own ‘most of the money’ can make more decisions. And, whoever earns that money has the master power to initiate any major decision and buy whatever they want. Historically, it has been men that have had most of the power.

When women began to venture out to find jobs, they discovered their own earning power… spending gave them power!

Then, the revelation: cash money wasn’t required for transactions. The tender wasn’t money anymore, as credit cards came into circulation! Any need could be met with a little plastic card instantaneously! Women could decide what is important to them and fuel their self-worth. The power had increased for all!

For many, it meant: no more living on a shoe string.

Many women, in my mother’s generation grew up on a farm during the depression. My mom was praised for being thrifty and learned that every egg had a value and every piece of string should be saved for another use. She was the one who took care of the kids and groceries. When her budget allowed, she proceeded to purchase the cheapest grade of food and goods available, because that was what she was taught.

All these restrictions changed when an Aunt died and left her a windfall. This changed her life! At 70 years old, she had her own money! And, she had more power! She insisted on keeping the old car when my dad upgraded that next year. It was HER car and she had the means to take care of it.

The car was her ‘getaway’ option. She could choose to run out to the store whenever she wanted. Suddenly, she was very generous to us kids, offering to pay for things that were unheard of in past decades.

As her health deteriorated, I would take her to Wal-Mart or IKEA to get some exercise walking the shopping cart. She whispered to me one day, “I have a new bank card! Don’t tell your father…”

And I replied, Really, mom? A bank card is no big deal.

“Don’t tell your father!! This is my money and I don’t want any questions or comments about this stuff. He will never see the bill.”

I think back now; she related the privilege of a bank card as another expression of freedom! Now, instead of holding up the checkout lane looking for pennies, she was there with her little bank card and feeling great.

Money is the power in our society’s time. We need to make confident decisions when using money, whether we are remortgaging the house or buying another pair of shoes.

Having power gives us self-esteem and self-esteem brings action in our world.

It is an interesting dilemma: The balance between a healthy existence towards money and the scrooge in us that needs to save – sometimes at the cost of not being able to share or give to others.

My challenge for you is to find the tricky balance between the hoarder and the spender in you. Budgets are only a guideline, but you need them to get a handle on things. You can revisit and revise them at anytime.

Be diligent to look after your responsibilities, but don’t forget about yourself. You need to allow yourself a bit of mad-money to feed your self-esteem as a person. (Haircuts, coffee with friends and some bling are important!)

This reinforces our power of choice.

Do this guilt free…you don’t ever need to tell your father, or anybody else.

Author's Bio: 

My interest in feng shui grew over the years. Each time I moved or was in a situation that could spiral out of control, I dove deeper; exploring my own environment to find out what upset the balance. I also learned there are many schools and many facets of feng shui. I was certified as a BTB Feng Shui Practitioner, from Sacred Lotus School in Calgary, 2011. I now work with all types of people who want to explore options in order to live organized, balanced and productive lives.

I have been based out of Vancouver BC since 2006, and lately, I’ve been teaching feng shui through the Vancouver School Board Continuing Education program, as well as in private venues. I have recently given talks for both non-profit organizations and professional offices.