The busy life of a modern family leads, inevitably, to a plethora of information which needs to be stored, updated and accessed quickly and easily. Put this way, it sounds like a fiendishly complicated task requiring the latest technology. In truth, however, the answer lies in something as simple as a wall calendar, and, in the form of personalised calendars, it’s possible to have something which is both useful and beautiful.

Almost every home you can think of will have a photo calendar in it somewhere. It may be pinned to a notice board in the kitchen, suck to the fridge with a magnet or propped up on the computer desk, but wherever it is it will be something which needs to be consulted almost every single day. School dates need to be checked, appointments noted and the days on which important financial transactions need completing kept firmly in line, and a calendar keeps this process quick and simple. Need to change a date? Simply put a line through one note and hastily scribble another. Suddenly remember a family birthday? Turn to the relevant page and jot it down. No need to worry over storage space, battery life or mechanical breakdown – when you use photo calendars you can rest easy in the knowledge that all of the information you’ve ‘inputted’ will be there when you need to find it. The only problem, however, lies in the reality of what most of these calendars actually look like. Almost every other item which you put up on display in your home will be a product of your personal tastes and preferences. Think of the hours you’ll spend looking for just the right print, the perfect poster, the ideal ornament. When it comes to a calendar, however, all of this is somehow supposed to be forgotten. Images of beaches at sunset, donkeys in fields or kittens playing with balls of wool, the kind of twee, bland pictures that you wouldn’t normally give house room to are somehow meant to be considered good enough. If not that, then you’ll be expected to hang up a collection of images celebrating a certain pop star or particular Hollywood heart throb. Never forget that once you’ve put it up, you’ll be looking at these pages each and every day for the rest of the year.

That’s why personalised calendars are such a fantastic breakthrough. No longer are you at the mercy of high street shops or other people’s idea of good taste. You can go to the relevant website and upload absolutely any images you wish to use – you might wish to build a calendar around your children, or photographs of favourite beauty spots or even the family pets at play throughout the year. The key feature is that the choice is yours. If you’re putting together personalised photo calendars or canvas prints to give as gifts, you can gather images which you know to be favourites of the recipient, and then deign the layout and choose the style, even going so far as being able to opt for a calendar which starts in a month other than January. Once you’ve altered and styled the calendar until it exactly meets your needs and tastes, it will be put together to as standard as high as any you’d expect to buy from a shop or online retailer and, for the next year, every time you need to jot down a date, make not of a meeting or amend an appointment, you’ll be looking at something which raises your spirits and puts a spring in your step.

Whilst nobody would argue with how useful photo calendars can be, there’s really no getting away from the truth of the situation regarding their attractiveness, or lack of. Using your own images is now as easy as it is appealing, and the results continue to bring pleasure well beyond the year in question.

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