According to research by, the cost of car insurance has risen once again, with the average cost now being £704. The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) believe that the reason for this is an increase in the number of fraudulent claims being made, with over 30,000 accidents believed to have been staged on the UK roads in 2010 costing each of us £50 in 2011 in order for insurance companies to recoup the costs.

We have two possible courses of action in this situation. We can sit in front of the computer screen looking at our insurance quotes while crying and conducting loud profanities or we can laugh about it. Therefore, here are some of the most stupid insurance claims ever made from the insurance capital of the world the United States, who seem to have things far worse than us:

Studio of fear

Cleanthi Peters took her granddaughter to Universal studios theme park to celebrate Halloween having heard great reviews about the haunted house attraction. However, while inside Mrs Peters felt the attraction was far too scary and decided to run for the exit with her daughter. She claims to have been chased all the way by an over enthusiastic employee who subsequently continued to taunt her after she fell over and injured herself. This resulted in $15,000 in damages.

Bud-not so wise-er

Richard Overton sued the makers of Budweiser for causing him emotional distress with their false advertising claims. In the adverts broadcast in the United States, drinking the beer resulted in a number of ladies wearing impossibly small bikini’s entering the room. Mr Overton was shocked when this failed to happen, so decided to buy some more beer in his attempts to reproduce the results. Unbelievably this didn’t work either, so Mr Overton decided to sue Budweiser for $10,000. Admit it, we have all been there. However, it’s not worth claiming against Budweiser yourself because the court rejected the claims.

The spirit of Christ can hurt you

Matt Lincoln is in the process of suing a Church in America after he sustained injures while worshipping there. Mr Lincoln claims he suffered a “physical reaction” after being possessed by the spirit of god, and unfortunately the church had failed to assign anyone to catch people suffering this affliction resulting in Mr Lincoln hitting the floor and injuring himself. Mr Lincoln is aiming to receive $2,500,000 in damages to cover loss of income and the fact that he has undergone surgery on his injures since.


Stella Liebeck was apparently under the impression that coffee isn’t hot, so when she spilt the coffee on her lap she was surprised that it burnt her. She decided to sue McDonalds and was amazingly awarded $640,000 in damages. McDonald’s were also instructed to reduce the temperature of their coffee to avoid similar accidents in the future. Don’t lose the will to live after reading this story, just find the nearest coffee house and allow the cup to slip from your hands. It might hurt at first but the pay out after would surely ease the pain.

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