If you’re reading this there’s a pretty good chance that you’re dealing with Hashimoto’s or know someone in that situation. Hashimoto’s Disease has its own way of getting under your skin and making you lose sight of all there is good in life. But it’s essential that you resist those dark feelings brought upon you by the disease and maintain a positive outlook on life and on the progress made on your Hashimoto’s.

If you’ve never had any form of contact with this condition before, you are probably scared or even terrified of what it all means and how drastic your life is going to chance. We’re here to give you some practical and encouraging advice on how to survive a life with Hashimoto’s and what to focus on when everything seems in vain. There are many different things that play a highly beneficial role in getting better, and these are some of them.

Patience is your most valuable asset

Patience is something that people cap out on at different thresholds but if you’re put in a situation where your daily problems are enhanced by Hashimoto’s, you might be running out of patience a lot quicker than anticipated. It is critical that you don’t lose hope and that you remain patience in the face of adversity. You see, Hashimoto’s is a kind of disease that manifests rather slowly in terms of showing response to anything you do to it. Especially if that “thing” is something that would make you feel better, know that the effects won’t be instant. In most cases, a treatment or solution will take a matter of months before the first round of effects kick in. Late is better than never, and hanging in there until the first signs appear, thus bolstering your resolve, is the first step in a longer journey of overcoming this gruesome affliction.

For once, lay off the exercise

This might be the first time you hear it, but it is beneficial for your health to lay off exercise. Crazy, right? However we’re not talking about completely giving up working out and performing physical activities. It’s just the fact that you can’t strain yourself right now. When you are battling with an immune system disease, you will be terribly weakened by its effects, and things like excessive exercise will impact you negatively, on a very large scale. It’s important to work out with moderation. Try to focus on low impact aerobics, Yoga and other such exercise types which put less strain on your body.
Overhaul your diet and focus on balancing out sugar lows and highs

This is something you already know from your thyroid pharmacist. Blood sugar levels are usually going crazy when a person has Hashimoto’s and if you just stick to the regular three meals a’ day treatment for your body, the results won’t be advantageous. You will most likely experience a lot of highs and lows as far as your sugar levels are concerned and this leads to stress hormones being activated and your entire body starting to panic. Make sure that you apply the necessary modifications to your diet so that you balance out sugar levels at all times. When you suffer from Hashimoto’s, keeping hold of your nutrients is also a difficult task. Increase your nutrients intake considerably so that you stabilize their levels.

Invest a lot in personal time for relaxations and mediation

Meditation can be crucial in finding inner balance and the strength necessary to gain a moral advantage over this disease. It’s truly essential to allocate yourself the much needed alone time in order to relax and gather your thoughts. While meditation is a great way to spend your precious time in such a situation as well as in general, any other form of unwinding and de-stressing will do. Even lying in bed and stretching out with a soft tune playing in the background can do you a lot of good.
Stress is a frightening factor when it comes to Hashimoto’s and everything you can do to avoid it or combat it is well worth it. Remember that it is much more convenient to avoid something like stress rather to plan towards removing it.

Leaky gut

Leaky gut is as worrying as it sounds. It is not a figure of speech either, as your gut literally leaks most of the times if you are subject to a disease like Hashimoto’s. When you are attacked by this disease, your gut starts to leak food particles and other contents all over the place. Soon enough, your body parts will deal with an inflammatory reaction, while your immune system will be constantly taunted.

As you might have already established yourself, your immune system is the last thing you want your body to give a hard time in this state. This is not a permanent situation however and that’s why important to get to it as soon as possible. It is even worthy of the title of priority, in the company of Hashimoto’s. Until you fix your leaky gut, your Hashimoto’s related issues will only manifest ten times more severely and the effects will be felt ten times as hard. You’ve already pulled the short straw here, there’s no reason to let it burn as well.

There’s really no easy way to say this but you will be having a pretty rough time with this disease. While that’s not what you probably want to hear, this might possibly balance the scale: Even when the disease is at its darkest, know that you can make your way back to a shinier outcome. There have been people who have succeeding in overcoming the disease and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join their ranks.

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Robert Alleson