Early last year my daughter handed a $10 note back to an elderly lady, who had unwittingly dropped it in a shopping centre. In appreciation, the lady pulled out a bookmark from the bottom of her handbag as a gift with the following wonderful message:
“Keep alive the hope in your dreams. Hope provides the strength against giving up. Believe in yourself. Self belief enables you to persevere. Never quit. Allow no one to control your happiness. Take responsibility for your reactions. Success is not what you have, but how you feel. Your feelings are your wealth. When things seem bad, focus on the incredible beauty around you. All obstacles have their season and time of passing. Ask and you will receive. Reach out. No one is an island. Accept love that is offered. Love is our deepest wellspring of joy. Chase your dreams with love and enthusiasm and allow life to meet you halfway. Learn from mistakes and remember your dreams. Only do that which increases your self-respect. Self-respect allows you to feel good about life. Remember to laugh and cry. Both give balance and fullness to life.”

I knew at the time that was really a gift for me, as I had been going through a really rough patch with creating my personal dream of taking my healing work out to the world in a BIG way. We’re not just talking about helping all the private clients I have seen over the last 17 years, but actually positively impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. Yes, I know the task seems massive. Some may even think I must be a little bit crazy for holding such lofty ideals, while others may applaud me for ‘having a go’. For me it is much deeper than that. It is a commitment and a passion that drives me from the depths of my soul.

How many times could I have given up on my dream? Far too many to mention, as I encountered each new level of fear and resistance within myself. Despite all the financial issues, including a very costly false start to my membership website, as well as being called on to face my own inner demons, I persevered until ……. Success! My dream realized!

Now my Heal the Healer membership website has healer and lightworkers members from 69 different countries around the world with new members signing up every day. Through the expert speakers, information and resources I offer there, I positively impact many thousands of people. I have become a sought-after speaker for radio shows and teleseminars, particularly in the USA, so many, many thousands of people hear my messages and receive healings on the call. I have been welcomed into the rarified air of the global healing and personal development movers and shakers around the world. My healing work is now out there in a BIG way …. and the doors just keep opening!

So how do you shift from a place of frustration and doubt in manifesting your dreams?

Well there were a lot of steps I intuitively took – far too many for the scope of this article – so I will just let you know the things I did that most helped me achieve my dream. My wish for you is that by following these same steps, you can move further towards achieving your dreams too.

1. Connect with Uplifting People

Only share your dreams with those people who you intuitively feel will support you emotionally. Never share your hopes and dreams with the nay-sayers, as their negativity will just bring you down and start to make you doubt your own abilities, crushing your spirit. Allow such people to drift out of your life, instead of spending your time trying to justify what you are trying to achieve. Instead, actively seek out high achievers, positive, uplifting people as your friends and/or mentors, who will willingly give you a hand up to their level.

2. Really Get Clear on Your Vision

Often it is so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of doing, that we lose sight of our original intention. Spending regular quiet time in beautiful places in nature, even if it is just your garden, soothes the soul and clears the mind clutter. Breathe deeply, meditate, even pray for guidance if that feels right. It’s amazing how the flashes of inspiration come to us at these quiet times to guide us into taking inspired action.

Exercise: Take the time to get clear on your vision for your dream and then write your desire statement of everything you want to achieve in that goal. As you relax, really imagine with your five senses how good it feels having already achieved this goal. Do this often. Now the key part – and the one where I originally tripped myself up – is to know that this may not be the best package for your dream to manifest in. Be open to the possibility that maybe there is a grander universal plan for you and maybe your dream will manifest as something far greater than you originally desired and not at all in the shape and size you expected it.

3. Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Have you ever been caught in the blame game that it’s someone else’s fault you’re not achieving your dreams? In all honesty, probably most of us have. It seems easier to pass the blame onto others than to admit our own shortcomings.

When things aren’t going to plan, it’s really easy to slip into victim-mode and negative self-talk, such as “I’m not clever / worthy / confident enough to do this. I’m a hopeless failure. I can’t do anything right.” etc, etc. Yeah, sure you can choose to stay as your own worst enemy and harshest critic, continually beating yourself up, feeling angry and disempowered or you can choose to take responsibility for your actions. 20/20 hindsight vision is such a wonderful thing…. especially if we use it to learn lessons to move closer to our goal! Ask yourself, “What was the learning in the experience and what do I need to do differently / learn / or who do I need to connect with to help me realize this dream?”

Exercise: In a quiet meditative state at the beginning of each day, ask to be shown an action step to take today that is in alignment with achieving your dream. Be open to however you receive this guidance – maybe as a flash of insight, as a message appearing in your mind, maybe as a sign on a billboard or as a chance meeting with a friend. Any major choice you have to make, ask your heart whether this is the right choice or not. An affirmative answer is likely to make your heart feel open, expanded and happy, whereas a ‘No’ answer will usually make it feel tight and constricted. For me, my heart is a reflection of the wishes of my soul.

4. Take Back Your Power & Forgive Yourself

If you have been feeling disempowered by others, understand that you are the one who has given your power away to others, no-one has taken it from you.

Exercise: In meditation, try imagining those people, who you feel disempowered you, and one by one make peace with them as best you can in your mind and just take your power back from them. Disconnect yourself from their energy by cutting any negative energetic cords of attachment, which you may sense as black ropes or strings. Then give yourself the gift of forgiveness for believing that you had little or no power in the situation.

5. Persevere and Raise Your Self-Esteem

What is that famous saying again about success being 1 part genius and 9 parts perspiration? So Persevere! Realise it may take quite a bit of effort to get those wheels turning in the right direction. Believe in yourself by consciously raising your self-esteem, even when those around you doubt you.

Exercise: Place your hands over your heart or mid-section and repeat these words to yourself, really feeling them, “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”

Exercise: Imagine a ball of radiant golden energy like a sun in your mid-section. Repeatedly breathe into this ball and feel it growing bigger, stronger, more radiant and your mid-section growing warmer. This represents your self-esteem, your personal power, so do this often to begin to feel invincible!

6. And Last, but Not Least….. Gratitude!

Instead of focusing on what has prevented you from manifesting your dreams, start to feel the Gratitude in my heart for all the good things you already have in your life. It helps you to feel joyful inside again.

Exercise: Each day journal at least 10 things you have to feel gratitude for and really feel this gratitude, even if it is for something as simple as having a soft, warm bed to sleep in, a roof over your head or a pet to cuddle. A neat trick I learnt from Dr Wayne Dyer is to be thinking of those things you feel grateful for as you are going to sleep, so your subconscious mind can hold that high vibration and attitude of gratitude all night.

The above steps and exercises are some of the main ones I took to shift from a place of fear, self-doubt and giving up on my dreams to rapid manifestation of them. So hold onto your special dream and never lose faith in that dream or in yourself. Persevere, find your own inner strength and spend time with positive, uplifting people for guidance and support. Make time to meditate, to nurture yourself and to play…. Enjoy the journey of self-discovery on the path to your dreams!

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