Whether we like it or not, dying is an inevitable part of everyone's life. Some people may be prepared for it more than others, but there's one thing that's common for all us, and that's the importance of a will.

You see, dying impacts people we leave behind us emotionally, but you also need to keep in mind material things. Even though it sounds kind of harsh, it's a fact that our spouses, our relatives and most importantly, our kids depend on the things we own, the choices we make, etc. That's why, in this article, we will try to explain just how important a will is for everyone around us, and we will talk about the three biggest consequences of dying without a will, which will hopefully be helpful to you in the future.

In this day and age, most young parents out there live extremely busy lives. That's why, in most cases, we don't really have the time to think about the bad things that could happen, and especially about the worst one of them all, suddenly passing away. Even though this is a hard topic for everyone, let's explore what could actually happen if the tragedy struck, we died, and had no will in place.

First of all, ask yourself the most important question, “If you were to leave your house and you didn't make it back, what would happen to your kids?” Do you have some kind of a plan or strategy in place that would help you deal with that kind of a situation?

If you're like the vast majority of other young and busy parents, you probably don't, and that could actually be a very big problem if worst was to happen and misfortune strikes. If you die and have a spouse who lives with you and the kids, then the best possible thing happens and your spouse gets the custody of your children. But what if you weren't that "lucky", and both you and your spouse were together when tragedy struck? Do you have someone who could help you out and immediately come and take care of your kids?

There are hundreds of questions that need to be answered. Who will take care of your kids? Who will put a roof over their heads? Who will put food in their mouth? Who will make all the major decisions about their health and future education?

If there is no will that specifies every single major and minor thing, the kids will be in limbo until everything is decided in the court, which can be a long and painful process. So, in order to make it easier on both you and the kids, make sure to contact an estate lawyer as soon as possible to make your Will.

If you were to die without making a Will, your assets normally would be distributed according to state law, which makes not always produce the best results. For example, what happens to your assets if your kids are minor and said that they can't get a hold of them until they're 18. On the other hand, once they turn 18, they get all of it, which means that possibly a large amount of money could be in the hand of, well, pretty much teenagers, which can be very dangerous.

Don't get us wrong, we're not implying that your kids are irresponsible, but let's be honest, we were all 18 once and we know that people in that age aren't really mature enough to be making decisions on how to handle all of their parents' assets.

As parents, most of us want what is best for our kids in the long run, so with that in mind, wouldn't it be better for us to somehow control how they're spending the money we left them, and make sure that they're not wasting all at once? Well, we actually can, and this is where making a Will comes into place. Once you put everything down on paper, you can make sure that someone will be appointed to look after your assets and how your kids are using them. These are all good reasons to contact a will lawyer as soon as possible.

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