It is said that if your goals are too easily accomplished, you’re probably not challenging yourself enough. On the other hand, you don’t want to set unrealistic, unattainable goals. So, how do you know if a goal is challenging enough and worth striving for? It should fill you with excitement. If you feel bored, your goals may be set too low. If you are filled with a sense of hopelessness, then your goals may be set too high. Balance is the key.

So, knowing that your goals are not going to be effortless, you should expect setbacks.

A setback is a sign that you’re stretching and achieving something worthwhile. Failing to reach a goal does not necessarily mean complete failure. Did you reach 50% of your goal? Then that’s 50% success. It means you have accomplished something, and that’s the purpose of a goal. If the end result is that you’ve grown in some way, stretched your boundaries, advanced yourself further, then you have every reason to celebrate. Just don’t stop there. Set your next goal.

Setbacks can bring about the gift of time. The truth is you may simply not be ready for whatever changes your goal will bring about in your life. Sometimes lessons have to be experienced first so that a transformation can be permanent. In this case, the setback may hinder progress toward your goal just long enough for you to gain some useful experience. A setback like this will strengthen you and prepare you for future success. Use this time to prepare well. Be patient with yourself and keep moving toward your goal.

Think of a setback as a learning opportunity. Was your setback the result of setting your goal too high? Did you set an unreasonable deadline? Reassess and reset your goal. Was the goal fine, but you were set back for another reason? Evaluate that reason so that you know how to overcome the challenge next time. Would more preparation have helped? Was the timing wrong? You probably know something now that you didn’t know before attempting your goal, so don’t be afraid to try again if the goal is still something you want to pursue.

If a goal is too easy to achieve, then the reward for its accomplishment may be trivial or meaningless. Remember: setbacks are supposed to happen when we’re working on major goals, so expect them, do your best, and keep a positive attitude.

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